Case: Wupti Marketplace

Denmark's largest marketplace

Salling Group takes up the fight against Amazon with Wupti Marketplace

In 2015, Denmark’s leading retail company Salling Group acquired and in 2017 Wupti Marketplace was launched. With the launch, Salling Group changed the vision for Wupti. They are not satisfied being Denmark’s largest online player within sale of consumer electronics and domestic appliances – they also want to be Denmark’s largest online marketplace.

With the launch of Wupti Marketplace, Salling Group takes up the battle against the foreign webshops, in particular the global marketplace Amazon. With Wupti Marketplace, Salling Group has further developed the webshop into a marketplace which went live in June 2017 as a Danish response to the increasing e-commerce threat from foreign countries.

With the change from webshop to marketplace, Wupti has extended its product range significantly and at the same time made it possible for the customers to buy products from other sellers than Wupti. This allows the customers to choose between a multitude of products and have them at the best possible price among hundreds of sellers.

Michael Ejby, former Head of E-commerce at Salling Group

”In Salling Group, we have decided to take up the battle against Amazon, and it is therefore our ambition to make the most attractive platform for webshops as well as consumers because only together can we make a difference in the battle against the large foreign players”

Michael Ejby, former Head of E-commerce at Salling Group

”We are already happy with the results we have achieved together with the many good sellers we have aboard. Since the launch of the marketplace initiative, we have extended our product range from 30.000 to 600.000 products, and we look forward to welcoming even more Danish sellers and with it continuing extending the catalogue of products for the benefit of our customers”

Case details

Launched in June 2017


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Responsive design, Elasticsearch, Quicksearch, faceted search, personalisation and cross-selling


More than 100 sellers and 600.000 products on the same solution

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