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Easy navigation in a complex webshop

More than 25,000 item numbers

With an online product range of more than 25,000 item numbers, Wupti already holds the position as the largest player within sales of consumer electronics and domestic appliances. Today a webshop with a large selection does not do much good if the customers find it difficult to navigate between the products and the many options in a fast and user-friendly way. Therefore, the development of the new webshop has focused on speed, usability, and navigation to make Wupti’s webshop the favoured webshop for the customers.

Wupti's webshop manages more than 15,000 product items

Peter Gram Møller, former Managing Director at Wupti

“The vision of wupti.com is to become the leading webshop within consumer electronics and domestic appliances in Denmark and to strengthen our position as a webshop with both low prices and high credibility"

Wupti's webshop has a faceted search function

Faceted search

One of the functions that increases the user-friendliness to a great extent for Wupti’s customers and hereby improves the conversion rate and the sale in the webshop is the webshop's filtering options. On each product list page, the customer is introduced to a left menu which allows the customer to refine his/her search based on filters such as ‘product groups’, ‘brand’ and ‘price’ and based on more specific parameters on the individual product group such as 'type' (plasma, LCD, LED) or 'screen size’ (40, 45, 50). Each time a customer clicks on a filter, the product output is updated on the page to only display the products which match the chosen filters. The filters are also updated allowing the user to only refine his/her search further based on filters that yield results if activated.

Guiding the customers

As far down as to the individual product page, Wupti continues to help and guide the customers to ensure that they find exactly what they are looking for. Various product pictures are linked to the individual product – also in a 360-degree angle; the product’s key specifications are highlighted and the customer is informed about the expected delivery time.

Cross-selling & upselling

In addition, Wupti uses both cross-selling and upselling to increase the webshop's user-friendliness. For example, on the product page for a Samsung LED TV, the customers are informed about the related products under the headline ‘Do not forget the accessories’ such as antenna cable, HDMI cable and wall brackets. Just like the customers under the headline ‘Others have also been looking at’ are easily guided to continue the search if this was not the TV they had in mind. Last but not least, Wupti offers its customers a total discount if the customer chooses to ‘bundle’ his/her products in a so-called ‘package deal’ or ‘combination offer’.

Cross-selling and upselling is used by Wupti in the webshop

Collects data from many suppliers

Wupti’s many products are made available from Wupti’s 135 different suppliers. With the new webshop, Wupti’s suppliers can via integration log into the webshop’s product system and enrich its products with relevant data such as product information and specifications. The system has been developed so that Wupti has to approve all the data which the individual supplier has entered before the product is displayed in the webshop. It is also possible for Wupti to stock products that can also be sold in the webshop.

In addition to design, development and implementation of Wupti’s new webshop, Wupti also decided to change its ERP system. Two time-consuming processes and a complete upgrading of Wupti’s IT platform which was performed by Hesehus in less than eight months from the contract was entered to the new webshop was launched.

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Case details

Launched in November 2013


Webshop, PIM, Media Bank, and CMS

Functions & features

Responsive design, faceted search, cross-selling & upselling, and integration to external suppliers


Silver at the E-Commerce Award 2015

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