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Are you our next tech talent?

We are very involved with the study environments, especially on Funen, for example the University of Southern Denmark and UCL University College. We are involved, because we are very conscious of the knowledge and the potential of emerging tech talents.

We are part of Virksomhedspagten

Hesehus is also an active part of the interest organisation Technology Denmark and their Virksomhedspagten (company pact). Virksomhedspagten was launched in November 2018, where together with 30 other IT and tech companies we joined forces to strengthen the development of Denmark's tech talents.

In concrete terms, this means that we have committed ourselves to creating 25% more internships, student jobs and project collaborations, 10% more (student) jobs for international students and last but not least more than 15 hours for company visits and guest lectures at the University of Southern Denmark, for example.

We are extremely pleased to be able to contribute to the pact and thereby help to create even closer cooperation with students and the educational institutions.

Should we cooperate?​​​​​​​

If we enter into a project collaboration, or if you do an internship with us, we will find a specific task with you that develops your professional skills and at the same time gives us new insight in a given area. The key word for us is involvement, and therefore we only offer an internship or a collaboration on a student project if we can provide the necessary resources and give you the right guidance.

Let’s have a talk

If you are interested in entering into a collaboration on a student project or internship, we would like to hear from you. Send us an unsolicited application letter via the form here on the site, where you describe your ideas and expectations for a student project or internship with us and attach your CV and diploma with transcript of records.

Send an unsolicited application for an internship or student project

Steffen Hansen, Developer at Hesehus

"In connection with my Master’s in Software Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark, I was given the opportunity to write a in-company project with Hesehus. Here I worked on a proof-of-concept for a Google Assistant integration for Matas, one of Denmark’s leading beauty and health retailers, which subsequently turned into a thesis project with a fellow student on digital e-commerce assistants. It was a great experience to put my theoretical knowledge into play "in the real world" and be challenged with the issues presented in developing for large software systems. In addition, I quickly felt a great degree of trust and a huge commitment from Hesehus, which I really appreciated."

Steffen Hansen
4 month internship in 2018, MSc in Software Engineering, University of Southern Denmark. Permanently employed as Developer from November 2018.

Christian Bech Agger, Developer at Hesehus

"In connection with my education for a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Technology, I had a five-month internship at Hesehus, where I developed on their platform products. From day one I put my skills from my studies into play, and with good professional constructive dialogues with the rest of the team I developed my skills quickly and took on more and more responsibility on an ongoing basis. In addition to the professional challenges, it is very important for me to be part of an informal and social workplace where there is room for everyone and where you are met with smiles from your colleagues every day. That is why I am also pleased that after my internship I was given the opportunity to continue at Hesehus in a position as a full-time developer."

Christian Bech Agger
5 month internship in 2019, BSc in Software Technology, University of Southern Denmark. Permanently employed as Developer from February 2020.

Christian Schou, previous student assistant working as IT Sopport at Hesehus

"I started at Hesehus as a student assistant in internal IT alongside my studies as a computer scientist. Everyone was extremely welcoming from the start and I quickly became a part of everyday life at Hesehus. Therefore, when I started my internship, it was also natural to continue working together, where we together came up with an exciting project on visualising data from customer solutions. Both as a student assistant and an intern, it has been cool to be a part of a large software company like Hesehus, where from day one I have been taken seriously and have been able to contribute on an equal footing with everyone else. The tasks, the atmosphere, the culture and the highly qualified colleagues made me really happy to be part of Hesehus."

Christian Schou
4 month internship in 2019, Computer Scientist, UCL University College. Previous student assistant working as IT supporter from December 2016 to July 2020.

Martin Rud Ehmsen, CTO at Hesehus

"We see a great potential in collaborating with educational institutions and making projects with students as they come with new insight and knowledge that challenge habitual thinking and give us new ideas so that together we can create different and innovative projects. We have great focus on creating a framework that ensures that students are challenged and can develop. In return, we also expect the students to take responsibility and contribute."

Would you like to know more?

You are of course always welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone if you have any questions

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