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Matas ensures a total experience for the customers

Ambitious and successful webshop

With a considerable increase in the volume of orders and a large rise in the average value per order, has proven to be one of the leading Danish B2C webshops. And with top positions at the E-Commerce Award for four years in a row – including a top three position in 2012 as well as winning the category ‘omnichannel’ in 2013, Matas has not only been able to attract customers but has also demonstrated that the chain is able to elegantly integrate its offline and online channels giving the customers a total experience and creating a higher level of customer loyalty.

The ambition of Matas was to create a new webshop that should increase traffic and the sales both online and in the physical shops and at the same time ensure an even higher level of loyalty from the members of Club Matas. To do so, Matas now makes the online and offline channels support each other and hereby puts itself in a better position to meet the customers’ demands of convenience, convenience, convenience.​​​​​​​

Click & collect - click & return

The integration between the physical stores and web shop implies in particular that customers can choose to pick up or return the product they buy online in a physical shop of their choice, in addition to the other delivery options as GLS and Post Nord. Technically, it works by the underlying system – when detecting an order with pickup in store -  making sure that the order is sent to the selected store instead of to the customer. Registration in the store is made easy for the staff as a barcode on the package label  is simply scanned to confirm receipt. When the system receives notification that the order is received by the store, an e-mail or SMS is sent telling the customer that he or she can pick up the product in the store. Once the item is picked up, the staff registers the order as delivered, completing the process completely.

Matas launches ambitious webshop
Shop online in Matas' physical shops

Shop online in the physical shops and earn points

Furthermore, the customers have the opportunity to shop in the webshop directly in the physical shop. The idea is that the customers can order products in the webshop while actually standing in the physical shop and afterwards pay for the online order in the physical shop. This provides the customers with a better opportunity to find the product they are looking for if a given product is not available or is sold out in the given shop. In this way, Matas is first of all able to maintain the sales through the webshop and secondly able to give the customers the total purchase experience that they are demanding.

Explore Matas' webshop

One of Matas’s focus areas was to create a connection between and the customer club Club Matas which has obtained more than 1 million members since its launch in the autumn 2010. Club Matas is a loyalty-based customer club which in addition to offering the members exclusive offers and discounts, provides the members with the opportunity to earn points every time they shop in Matas – in the webshop or a physical shop. The members can subsequently exchange the points for gifts in the Matas point shop. The webshop also contains clear links to the Club Matas portal, Club Matas Facebook, and Club Matas Youtube in which the customer can find relevant information, see video clips of everything from hairstyles to makeup trends or visit the Matas point shop.  

Webshop skaber sammenhæng mellem butikker og Club Matas

Case details

Launched in October 2011, click & collect and click & return in June 2014, and online shopping in physical shops in November 2014


Webshop, PIM, CMS, and Design

Functions & features

Click & collect, click & return, and online shopping in physical shops


Winner of the E-Commerce Award in the category ‘omnichannel’ in 2013

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