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Matas ensures customers' overall experience

E-commerce solution from Hesehus ensures Matas' customers a unique online experience

Winner of the Gold Award 2020 has had an online growth of over 50% in the last ten quarters (April 2018 - September 2020) and is today the second most used webshop in Denmark. An online success that was also recognized at the E-Commerce Award 2020, where Matas not only won gold in the 'Best omnichannel company' category but was also honored with the prestigious Gold Award. With a still very ambitious online and omnichannel strategy, the ambitions of the Danish beauty giant, Matas, is unquestionable: Matas wants to be the Danes preferred destination for products within beauty and well-being.

To meet the ambition, Matas operates with three primary focus areas; they want to have the strongest brands and continuously introduce new exciting brands, they want to offer the best guidance online, and they want to have the fastest and easiest ordering and delivery. Three areas that together hopefully will ensure an overall customer experience across channels both online and in-store.

Overall experience across platforms

The integration between the physical shops and the webshop entails that the customers can choose to pick up or return the products which they buy in the webshop in one of the shops via click & collect and click & return and have the opportunity to shop online in the physical shops via the staff's online devices. In addition to the integration between the physical shops and the webshop, the Bizzkit platform provides the tools so that Matas can offer adjusted content to the customers whether they access the webshop via desktop, tablet or mobile. Everything is tailored to the individual platform to give the users the most optimal experience where they are and without questioning that they are in the same universe.

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Overall experience across platforms at Matas
Chat with Matas via HERO chat

New online chat gives customers a unique shopping experience

To provide customers with the best guidance online, Matas, in cooperation with Hesehus and the international customer client provider, HERO®, has launched a personal online chat. With the chat, Matas turns their shop assistants into online beauty experts who via chat, live and video functions can advise and guide the customers while they shop online from home.

The beauty consultant can via the chat act as the customer's personal shopping assistant and display products via video and link to the products which the conversation concerns. The chat function also makes it possible for the beauty consultants to follow the customer's history in the webshop allowing them to guide the customers based on previous purchases and favourite brands and thereby ensure the customers a unique and very personal shopping experience.   

Matas LIVE – let’s go live shopping

Matas also inspires and guides the customers via live shopping, where the customers at every Matas LIVE event are met by either one of Matas's competent beauty consultants or by relevant experts such as Ole Henriksen or Marianne Tromborg, who will deal with a certain topic in depth  in the live video, give good advice and not least answer the questions which the customers can ask via a live chat in the video.

During the live video, the beauty consultant can demonstrate and recommend the mentioned products, which also regularly appear on the screen, from where they can be added to the shopping cart, as there is full integration with the shopping cart on

With live shopping Matas can communicate in a new and present way with the customers, which was only possible in the physical stores before. The customers have received the concept very well and Matas are now live several times a week.

Live shopping with Matas

Would you also like to shop live with Matas?

Matas went live for the first time on 27 March and since then Matas’s online customers have had the opportunity to tune into every week for new inspiring LIVE events.

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Matas launches visual search

As the first in the beauty segment both at home and abroad, Matas launches visual search on Visual search taps perfectly into Matas’s ambitious omnichannel strategy to give the customers the best coherent customer journey across channels online as well as in-store.

In addition to the easier search for the customers, the functionality is brilliantly supporting the customers’ omnichannel journey. Having the mobile close at hand, the customers can take a single picture or scan the bar code and be able to easily reorder their favourite cream from the bathroom at home or check out the list of ingredients and product reviews for a specific product in the shop before making the actual purchase. In other words, visual search is yet another step for Matas to create the ultimate overall experience for its customers regardless of platform.  

Matas visual search is developed by Hesehus
Matas' skin test guides customers to choose products online

Online skin test guides customers

The customers can also get expert guidance on your skin from home. Matas has launched an online skin test developed by Matas's competent beauty consultants and a chemical engineer. Via a number of questions, Matas's skin care experts get the customer's needs clarified and after an analysis of the answers, the customer is sent a personal skin analysis, which i.a. maps skin type and skin condition. The customer also receives recommendations for the optimal skin care routine with suggestions for specific products that match the customer's needs and wishes, and which of course can be added directly to the shopping cart, as there is full integration with the shopping cart on

Same-day-delivery and drop shipping

Convenience, speed and punctuality – it is a question of offering the customers precisely what they want, when they want it. As a result, Matas is now offering same day delivery to webshop customers through a cooperation with the distribution company Burd. In the webshop, the customer will, of course, only be presented with the option of same day delivery if the customer is resident in one of the postal codes in which this type of delivery is possible.

In this way the delivery options are aimed at the customers for whom the various options exist, and this means that Matas avoids confusing or teasing other customers with an option which is not really possible. At present, the option of same day delivery is limited to one million households in the capital area but Matas expects to spread the option to larger parts of the country gradually as Burd spreads the service to the rest of Denmark.

Another way in which Matas meets the demand for speed is through drop shipping. In Matas’s webshop, a number of products can be bought which are traded through Matas but supplied by external suppliers. These products are not available from Matas’s own warehouse but from the individual suppliers. The delivery time will therefore be longer if Matas needs to have them sent from the external supplier before they are forwarded to the customer. As a result, Matas has entered into agreements with the external suppliers on drop shipping so that the products are sent directly from the external supplier to the customer.

If a customer orders more products which are supplied by various external suppliers and Matas, it is possible that the customer may not receive the products at the same time since the products are sent from different warehouses directly to the customer in order to deliver the customer’s products as quickly as possible. Delivery times and supplier will, of course, always be clearly stated when ordering from so the customer always knows when the products will be delivered and from where. All dialogue with the customer is still managed by Matas although the products are sent from an external supplier.

Talk to Matas through Google Assistant

Talk to Matas

Matas was one of the few selected Danish brands that took part from the beginning, when Google in 2018 launched its voice-activated, digital assistant, Google Assistant, in Danish. It is therefore possible for the costumers to search directly in Matas’s webshop by talking to Matas via Google Assistant. Via the digital assistant the customers can search for products, filter on certain brands, add products directly to their favourites and remove them again via their Club Matas user.


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Click & collect, click & return, Google Assistant, live shopping, video chat and visual search


Winner of the Gold Award 2020 and gold in the category 'Best omnichannel company' in 2013 and 2020 at the E-commerce award

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