Case: BabySam

BabySam’s online revenue grows by 27.8% annually

Over the last eight years, BabySam has expanded their market-leading position thanks to a successful omnichannel strategy​​​​​​​.

Rejsen til omnichannel succes

With a turnover of DKK 600+ million per year across 32 retail stores, sales to institutions and online sales, BabySam is by far the largest actor in the Danish market for baby and children’s equipment. The store chain has worked hard to create a unique presence across channels with targeted investments and stands as the strongest in the industry today.

Their uncompromising focus on e-commerce and omnichannel has strengthened the store concept.  And it’s been a hit with customers.

From online baby to fully-grown omnichannel player

In 2017, BabySam and Bizzkit entered a partnership to make the chain stronger online, more data-driven and more impactful in the target group. In the first year after the new solution was implemented, conversion rates increased by 44% and organic traffic by 33%.

The results were the prerequisite for the next stage of the strategy: Linking online and physical shops for a true omnichannel experience.

BabySams stærke omnichannel-fokus er gået rent ind hos kunderne

”The Bizzkit solution has been crucial for BabySam’s omnichannel journey, and the successes we have had with Click & Collect, and with our loyalty club."

Kenneth Willenbrack Nørgaard, CEO at Babysam

Click & Collect paradise

So far, the biggest piece of BabySam’s omnichannel puzzle has been the strong focus on creating great Click & Collect solutions. And it has really paid off. Click & Collect orders now drive 14% of in-store revenue – and the share is growing. One in five Click & Collect customers also make additional purchases while in store, thus ensuring upselling.

Personaliseret content på giver den bedste kundeoplevelse

Omnichannel customers buy more and more often​​​​​​​

Customers who use both the physical shops and the webshop are worth far more to BabySam. Their customer lifetime value is significantly higher, they place twice as many orders and buy up to 2.6 times more. In other words, omnichannel customers are ideal customers for BabySam.

Know your customers

BabySam has an unrivalled connection to its target audience and has permissions from 93% of all new parents. This creates a strong data foundation that makes it possible to digitally register 80% of all purchases made in physical shops in the loyalty club. And that’s worth its weight in gold. It offers great opportunities to personalise content and offers. It also offers the opportunity to constantly fine-tune the user experience on​​​​​​​

Packed and ready in lightspeed​​​​​​​

A Click & Collect order is typically packed and ready in less than half an hour. This means that customers are more willing to drive to the shops knowing the products are in stock, but it also means that BabySam can save a significant amount on shipping costs. Overall, the strategy of using shops as pick-and-pack warehouses is a major competitive advantage that outclasses pure players on both speed and cost efficiency. ​​​​​​​

”The platform has just worked really well, and we’ve tripled our conversion rate since 2017 when we first got the platform."

Kenneth Willenbrack Nørgaard, CEO at Babysam

BabySams stærke omnichannel-fokus er gået rent ind hos kunderne

A strong foundation gives strong results​​​​​​​

The success is partly due to BabySam’s robust Bizzkit solution, which provides them with a scalable platform with opportunities to make the right integrations. For example, the strong PIM solution that ensures reliable product information has been a prerequisite for the Click & Collect success. At the same time, the composable approach to integrations has yielded excellent results. For example, it was easy to expand with live shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ready for growth

The strong data foundation was also a clear prerequisite for the acquisition and relaunch of competitor Pixizoo. BabySam acquired the company in the spring of 2023 to ensure an even stronger position in the market.

BabySam’s solution was already running both the B2C and B2B webshops, but within a few months, we were able to work together to expand the solution to run Pixizoo’s webshop as well. This ensures a streamlined organisation that can easily reap the benefits and experiences from Bizzkit and BabySam’s longstanding collaboration. ​​​​​​​

Case details

Launched in December 2017


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and design

Funktions & features

The Kibana reporting tool enables real-time responses to the most important KPIs such as sales and delivery parameters


Silver at the E-commerce Award 2019 in the category ’Best e-commerce case’

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