04 April 2022

More digital talents and doubled office space

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After 10 years of cooperation and a scalable e-commerce solution for international sales as a result, Hesehus and the world's largest supplier within sale of stamps, Nordfrim, now celebrate their 10th anniversary. And the good cooperation continues.
We kick-start 2022 with style and welcome 10 impassioned hesehusians. With several strong profiles within project management, software development and design, we continue the growth journey in the best possible way as well as we continue the work to help our customers and their e-commerce ambitions to new heights.
The level of ambition and demand for strategic e-commerce solutions is growing. We are therefore continuing the growth journey and are once again expanding the team of competent hesehusians. This time, we welcome no less than 12 digital candidates who will contribute to our ongoing effort to help our ambitious customers satisfy their high e-commerce ambitions.
In Hesehus, we are experiencing a continued increasing demand for ambitious e-commerce solutions. We are therefore once again expanding the team and welcome six competent profiles. Our objective to increase our workforce with 30 new hesehusians in three months has been achieved with this strong team. We are now raising the bar and kick-starting this autumn with the objective of appointing another 45 up until the turn of the year.
The growth journey continues! In August, we have rounded off the summer in the best possible way by welcoming no less than 14 new hesehusians to our team. Among these are a razor-sharp Project Manager, three talented Developers and an experienced Head of Commercial for our platform team Bizzkit. At the same time, Bizzkit has moved into new, larger premises in Sverigesgade.
In Hesehus, we kick-start the summer in the best possible way by welcoming 11 strong profiles to the team in Odense – including two experienced profiles to our UX Design team and five razor-sharp software developers. Next step on the growth journey is Aarhus where we open an office with a team in the office community The Startup Company and we are looking forward to welcoming even more dedicated software developers.
The team of Hesehusians is growing, and we now have the pleasure of presenting seven new, digitally strong profiles that, together with the rest of the team, will help our customers fulfill their e-commerce ambitions. With the new ambitious strategy that we, together with our new owners QNTM Group, have put in place for both Hesehus and our e-commerce platform Bizzkit, we can look forward to welcoming another 30 new faces over the next two months.
After 10 years of close cooperation resulting in an ambitious e-commerce solution, impressive online growth and six e-commerce prizes, Denmark’s leading pharmacy chain within beauty and well-being, Matas, and Hesehus now celebrate their 10th anniversary.
At Hesehus, we continue to experience an increasing level in our customers' e-commerce ambitions, and we are therefore once again expanding the team of competent Hesehusians. This time we welcome eight passionate colleagues – including two new profiles in the form of a strategically strong Head of Marketing and an experienced Controller.
After 10 years of close cooperation and one of the Nordic Region’s most innovative and comprehensive e-commerce solutions with 400 webshops on one platform as a result, Europe's leading supplier of workwear, Fristads Kansas Group, and Hesehus now celebrate their 10th anniversary, and the good cooperation continues.
Today, Altor is launching the QNTM Group which from the beginning will be the new majority shareholder in Hesehus, the e-commerce specialists, that has come strongly through the corona crisis. The vendor is 3C Groups owned by Niels Thorborg.
At Hesehus, we still experience that the level of ambition and the demand for strategic e-commerce solutions grow – not least in our Swedish partner channel which has increased from three to eight Bizzkit Solution Partners in just three months. We are therefore once again expanding the team of ambitious hesehusians and welcome four strong profiles.

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