1 October 2018

One of Denmark's largest e-commerce houses reaches 100 employees

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Data-driven business is hot! More and more retailers are increasingly using data as an important part of their business and this is of great benefit for the customers who get a better user experience as well as for the business partners who gain valuable insights based on customer data.
Once again, we have hired a handfull of clever and dedicated colleagues on the harbor in Odense. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we introduce a Solutions Architect, a UX’er, two Senior Developers and a Project Student.
Today, Google is launching its voice-activated, digital assistant, Google Assistant, in Danish. Matas is one of the few selected Danish brands that take part from the beginning. And Matas’s regular e-commerce house for the past seven years, Hesehus, is of course responsible for the development of Matas’s contribution to Google Assistant.
For more than 16 years, Hesehus has developed its own e-commerce platform based on solid standard technology from Microsoft. Now the platform is ready to be sent outside Denmark under the name Bizzkit.
Today, the customer journey is very much happening across several channels and many consumers are in particular using the Internet to check out and get more specific knowledge about the product they are looking for. So how do you give the customers a unique experience in the store which surpasses the ordinary product information and which makes them return again and again?
During the summer we have had the pleasure of welcoming even more new faces to Hesehus on the habour in Odense. Among the new faces is a Practical Assistant, a Developer and an Intern in UX Design.
With a fast-growing e-commerce market everything is moving fast and the terms are constantly changing. The consumers make new demands, the competitors launch smart, innovative features and the physical shops become a larger and larger part of the equation when it comes to the ultimate commerce success.
The last couple of months have been busy in our HR department. An increased need for more qualified hands has resulted in a handful of new employees in June and July. Therefore we proudly welcome four Software Developers, two Frontend Developers and an IT administrator.
In a few years, the Hesehus e-commerce platform has achieved a market leading position in Denmark and the ambition is now to distribute the platform to the rest of Europe – first of all to Sweden. To succeed we have created a team to run our ambitious international expansion.
This year, Hesehus has decided to support Cykelnerven (the bike nerve) in the battle against sclerosis and sends DKK 76,000 as well as five cool members of Hesehus off with Cykelnerven to the French mountains today.
Thursday 24 May, more than 800 professional e-commerce enthusiasts were gathered in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen when FDIH hosted the year's biggest industry event the E-Commerce Award 2018. Hesehus’s customer DLG impressively won silver in the category “Best B2B company".
At Hesehus we continue getting more exiting projects, wherefore we also need even more great minds to Denmark's leading e-commerce house. It is with great pleasure we welcome an Executive Assistant, a Team Manager and a Trainee.

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