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Hesehus - the place to be

We are Denmark’s leading e-commerce solution provider because we have some of the best employees in our line of business. They think strategically and always set the bar high when it comes to constantly developing and improving our solutions and software platform.

At Hesehus you will be part of the largest developer environment on Funen which consists of more than 75 committed and highly professional developers, designers and architects.

You can expect a challenging and varied workday in a flat, social, and team-based structure.

We care about pulling together and our culture is imbued with a strong social unity with many celebrations and social events to the extent in which you wish to participate.

In short: Hesehus is the place to be!

Michael Jordan

”Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

Testimonial by Mette Løvendahl Vestergaard, International Sales Developer at Hesehus

Mette Løvendahl Vestergaard
International Sales Developer

”At Hesehus we put a great effort into social events and that really has an impact. The setting is always perfect when we have the annual summer party, Friday bars with special events, participate in the DHL relay race and so on. I am very impressed by the amount of work our party planning committee puts into these things. Additionally, everyone is always supporting events that the Hesehusians arrange on their own, like barbeque nights and  go-cart tournaments. The social sphere is very important to my job satisfaction and the joy of being employed by Hesehus"

Testimonial by Kasper Smedegaard, Business Developer at Hesehus

Kasper Smedegaard
Business Developer

”We often use the term 'Hesehusians' about ourselves and it is quite difficult to describe what is implied by that. One of the things  you notice as newly employed is the diversity.  You can be exactly who you are. And in spite of the diversity - also in relation to our tasks - we have a unique sense of  community. We enjoy spending time with each other. As a result, you feel very welcome from the very first day and you quickly become part of the 'Hesehusian spirit'”

Focus on professional competencies and knowledge sharing

Professional sparring and knowledge sharing  is something we care very much about and we work strategically with ongoing training.

Hesehus Academy Fridays are Fridays with time for immersion, play, and learning. Individually and with your colleagues. Academy Fridays stem from the employees' wish and need for trying out new things and having consecutive time for knowledge sharing.

Additionally, we offer our employees ongoing courses, certifications, and participation in conferences such as GOTO Copenhagen and Design Matters just like everyone with staff responsibility is offered training within management and competency development.

One of the best workplaces in Denmark

We are among the best workplaces in Denmark 2016 - Danmarks Bedste Arbejdspladser® 2016, and we are very proud of this certification.

The consultancy firm Great Place to Work® is behind the certification and they have outlined the best workplaces in Denmark based on parameters such as the employees' confidence in the management, the pride in their jobs and not least the sense of community and the atmosphere in the workplace. Parameters that are fundamental to us and make the election even more important because we continuously strive to optimise our organisational culture and the social environment.

Mette Reinholt Mortensen, COO at Hesehus

”At Hesehus we focus on the talented organisation. We create the best results when we work together and involve all the employees' competencies. At Hesehus it is not enough with one talented employee - our success demands that everyone develops and contributes with what he or she is best at"​​​​​​​

The right balance

We focus on the well-being of our employees and we highly prioritise the right balance between work and spare time. We believe that it affects the productivity and quality if an employee works more than 37 hours a week for a longer period of time. This is why we say that you are off when you are off. We also give our employees the option to work flexitime to ensure that work and family life all come together.

Herning or Brazil

We have a very social atmosphere in Hesehus. The employees are accommodating and everybody feels part of the team – even the employees who have a long commute, e.g. from Herning and sometimes work from home or the employees we have employed from abroad.

Today, we have developers from countries such as Spain, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, England, and Brazil and to ensure that they are properly integrated, we offer lessons in Danish and we do a lot to involve them socially.

Testimonial by Allan Syndergaard, UX Architect at Hesehus

Allan Syndergaard
Senior UX Architect

"After seven years in the company, I chose to move to Herning for family reasons and had I not been part of the 'Hesehus family' I would have changed my job. The combination of the comfortable working environment , great collegues, flexible work hours and the possibility of working from home made me stay at Hesehus. Because of these things I can have a normal work day and still have time for my family"

Testimonial by Guillermo Cosculluela Moli, Senior Developer at Hesehus

Guillermo Cosculluela Moli
Senior Developer

“Here in Denmark companies have a more flat structure, employees’ points of view are taking into account. They are always open for new proposals and people are always willing to help. Danish companies are more focused on quality, innovation, and help you improve yourself and your skills which makes you a better professional. At Hesehus I am very happy with my colleagues and my team. They have been very helpful from the beginning and during the first 6 months I have been offered to join courses to develop my competencies”

Hesehus - the place to be!

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Health and well-being

We believe that exercise and a good health results in more energy, happier employees and fewer sick days. In addition to a healthy and varying lunch, every day our employees are therefore offered breakfast and a healthy snack in the morning and in the afternoon. Furthermore, they are also offered massage and physiotherapy.

However, we are not at all fanatic which our tradition of eating order sweets and go-live sweets when we celebrate new customers and the launch of new solutions clearly shows.

We also have our own running club and every Wednesday after work, a group of employees run together in a group of experienced runners and a group of beginners.

Hesehus running club

Culture & atmosphere

Hesehus is imbued with an innovative work environment, teamwork, and social unity - Hesehus is the place to be!

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