The workplace

Hesehus - the place to be

We are Denmark’s leading e-commerce solution provider because we have some of the most talented employees in the industry. Our employees have a solid technical know-how, think strategically and always set the bar high when it comes to constantly developing and improving our solutions and software platform.

Our culture is characterised by a strong social unity, where we are devoted to pulling together as a team, and where there is opportunity to participate in many celebrations and social events if one has both the time and desire to do so. We have employees from all over Denmark and around the world, and we greatly appreciate the innovation and new ideas that arise when global and local talents come together.

In brief: Hesehus is the place to be!

Professional competence

+140 e-commerce specialists, high professional skills and cutting-edge technologies

With us, you will find one of the largest developer environments on the island of Funen and some of the most ambitious digital talents who work every day to develop complex, ground-breaking software solutions for Denmark's leading e-commerce companies. The atmosphere is ambitious, we always focus on helping each other to be better, and we take pride in keeping ourselves up to date on the latest technologies and creating space for professional development.


The unique Hesehus vibe

Innovation, teamwork and social unity are among the essential keywords when we ask our employees what Hesehus culture means to them. As a Hesehusian-to-be, you will become part of an environment where teamwork is paramount, where being off work really means being off work, and where the desire to have fun together is great – whether it is during the Friday afternoon get-together, the summer party or the running club.

International milieu

Where local meets Global

Hesehus is a Danish company with a Scandinavian leadership style, a focus on work-life balance and an environment where language is not a challenge, and versatility is not an obstacle but rather a force. We do everything we can to ensure that our international employees settle in well: in-house Danish lessons and annual international meetups are just some of the initiatives here.  

Multiple offices

Hesehus in Aarhus

In addition to the HQ in Odense, we also have a branch in Aarhus, which allows us to be even closer to our customers in Jutland. Hereby, we can also offer state-of-the-art work facilities to our employees here. With a powerful team here, we spread the Hesehus spirit further and leverage our opportunities to share our experience in creating the future of e-commerce. Read mare about it here.

Do you want to join the team?

If you have what it takes to become a real Hesehusian, please send your application to us. We are always happy to receive applications whether they are for a specific position or unsolicited.


Unsolicited application