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Design by Hesehus
Designs by Hesehus

Identification and customer insight

To become the e-seller of choice for your customers you need the right insight. A state-of-the-art webshop satisfies the customers' requirements and expectations and provides them with a unique customer experience. We take pride in identifying your core customers and use, i.a., focus groups, interviews, analyses, eye tracking and Customer Journey Mapping to understand the customers’ habits, consumption patterns, and needs to make sure that your webshop satisfies the customers’ specific needs and requests.

Digital identity and concept development

We start all new projects with a creative workshop where we, in cooperation with the customer, determine the digital identity and final concept based on the customer’s strategic objectives and our knowledge of what works for the consumer. We would like to provide you with our suggestion for a completely new visual identity and we cannot help brainstorming and coming up with new ideas – this is why we are often first movers when it comes to unique functions and the latest features. Our work is always based on consumer insights, analyses and facts which we know are working.

Responsive design

It is essential that you get a webshop in which the design functions optimally regardless of platform and choice of browser. We therefore only work with responsive design. To us performance is not just a question of speed but also about the experience of the site itself.

BabySam design by Hesehus

User experience

Even the hottest web design fails if functionality and navigation do not work as intended. We incorporate usability and functionality into all aspects of our web design right from the preparation of wire frames, prototypes and mockups to the final design – all for the purpose of creating the ultimate user experience for your customers.

As the first e-commerce solution provider in Denmark we received a UX Master Certification specialised in Web Design from the acknowledged research- and consulting company Nielsen Norman Group.

UX Master Certification
Optimised conversion rate with Hesehus design


It is vital to consider conversion optimisation in order to maximize the sale in your webshop. We put ourselves in the customer’s place and optimise based on requirements, conventions, best practices, and the latest trends to allow your webshop to function optimally on all parameters both when it comes to performance, UX, and conversion.

Stof & Stil won bronze at the E-Commerce Award

Working with customer insights for Stof & Stil, we discovered that women want to actually see the various products in relation to each other when shopping for fabrics. As a result,  STOF & STIL Moodboard was created and the feature is already very popular. Furthermore, it turned out that a barrier that often stops people inexperienced with sewing is a lack of  overview of what products are needed for the project. The feature STOF & STIL Kit was therefore created. Here the customer can easily choose a project, personalise it, and then buy the correct amount of fabric, thread etc. based on choice of size. These features lead to a Top 3 position for Stof & Stil at the E-Commerce Award 2016.

Stof & Stil Moodboard

Design & consumer trends

We live and breathe digitally. Therefore we always stay updated on the latest design and consumer trends, e.g. from the world’s largest retail conference Retail’s BIG Show in New York and the recognised UX conference Usability Week in London.

Hesehus keeps updated with the latest design trends
Hesehus travels the world to find inspiration
Digital technology and its opportunities
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Lars Hedal, CEO at Hesehus
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