Bizzkit e-commerce platform

Bizzkit e-commerce platform is developed by Hesehus over more than 16 years. Bizzkit handles both complex product data, rich digital asset management, content management and classic e-commerce functions. This is why we call Bizzkit the market’s most complete, integrated, standard e-commerce platform.

Preferred by Top 1000 companies

15 top positions in the competition for the E-Commerce Award is just one of the reasons for choosing Bizzkit as the basis of your e-commerce activities


Have your online ambitions satisfied and then more with a Bizzkit.

Bizzkit Webshop is customised to match your business and with your customers’ needs and requirements in mind. You have full design freedom and can create the extra features and functions which not only make you stand out from your competitors but also make your customers come back again and again.


With Bizzkit PIM you can gather all your product data and quickly launch new product categories, campaigns and sites – of course in all languages and adjusted to the channels and devices on which you are present.

Bizzkit PIM ensures full flexibility, a complete overview of your product range, intelligent inheritance of data and provides you with a competitive time-to-market.

Digital frontrunners

One of the top 3 most widely used e-commerce platforms

Sell more

Handles transactions of DKK 8 billion a year

Keep up

At least 4 large platform releases a year

The e-commerce platform Bizzkit

Morten Pihl, E-commerce Manager at Danoffice IT

”At Danoffice IT our vision is to improve the world through information technology. This also comes down to our choice of partner on our online platform. Hesehus has on all parameters met our expectations and is delivering building blocks enabling us to make a difference in achieving our vision"


With Bizzkit DAM you can gather all your visual material, your product pictures, logos, campaign material, data sheets, etc. allowing you to quickly find the right visual material and distribute it on all the channels in which you are present, e.g. in your webshop or on your website.

Bizzkit DAM is the obvious choice for a secure and central place to store your visual material and thereby making your working procedures more efficient with the integrated intelligent tools.


Bizzkit CMS gives you countless opportunities to create e-commerce experiences with the right content customised to match your exact needs. Create great inspiration universes and unique shopping experiences by intelligent use of text, pictures, video and products.

Choose Bizzkit CMS and use the state-of-the-art features to create the perfect e-commerce experience for your customers.

All in one

Handles product data, digital asset and content management in one platform

Reliable foundation

Builds on Microsoft’s powerful standard technology

Powerful partnerships

Integrates with the strong business partners

New features

The Bizzkit platform is being constantly expanded with new features and improvements. To make sure that the platform is always up-to-date and able to keep up with the continually evolving requirements, you will get a minimum of four large releases a year.

Furthermore, the flexible architecture and full APIs ensure that you can easily build your own unique functions on top of the standard functionality in the platform and integrate with others with no significance to the central upgrading of the platform.

Mindst fire store platformsreleases om året på Bizzkit-platformen

Technologies and business partners

Our business partners offer add-on products and features which integrate optimally with Bizzkit. This allows you to choose the service that best suits your business, your market and your customers.

Lars Hedal, CEO at Hesehus
"Want to hear more?" Lars Hedal CEO +45 40 25 50 83