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Complex – but not for the customer

Scalable omnichannel at Davidsen - E-commerce from Hesehus

Complexity grows as the company grows

Davidsen has been busy in recent years. It has become one of Denmark’s 3 largest DIY stores measured by turnover, and it is the fastest growing. Therefore, Davidsen also experienced an increasing complexity that challenged its systems. They have grown to have 22 physical stores and 3 different online shops, all of which must be able to talk to each other. Therefore, they needed simple solutions to a complex problem. They needed to create intuitive customer journeys. They needed Hesehus.

Med webshoppen gør Dinex det nemt for kunderne at finde alle de data, de har behov for

3-in-1 – one integrated solution

Davidsen has a setup with 3 different online shops. A shop for private customers, a shop for business customers and a shop for purchasing professional work wear. That, combined with the 22 physical stores and the high growth, meant that Davidsen needed a helping hand to link the physical stores with the online shop.

Morten Schulz, E-commerce Manager hos Davidsen

"The flow from a to z, when an order moves through our setup, has been streamlined to almost perfection. Today we have a business that rests on a foundation which we can easily scale in the future."

Solid strategic foundation

Together with Hesehus, Davidsen has been able to identify its challenges and create advanced solutions that seem simple to both customers and employees. For example, stock status and delivery options have been integrated and automated in the online shop. This means that customers are not presented with confusing options at check-out, but instead have their orders shipped in the optimal way, regardless of whether they are buying a single screw or a tonne of cement.

Caroline Popp Clausen, E-Commerce Platform Manager at Davidsen

“It was important to us that it didn’t become the customer’s problem that we had a complex setup, but that the customer experienced a very simple solution throughout.”

Med webshoppen gør Dinex det nemt for kunderne at finde alle de data, de har behov for

Omnichannel – the customer never leaves empty-handed

You can always get your goods from Davidsen. They have built a complete omnichannel solution that connects the physical store with the online shop. This ensures that customers never go home empty-handed. The solution is two-fold and consists of order-from-store and click-and-collect. Order-from-store ensures that the customer can always access the online shop in the store and get special items home from the central warehouses.

At the same time, customers also come down to the store more often when they make click-and-collect orders. The first year with this solution has moved the collection of 25% of all online orders to stores. This means that customers come in more often and get the advice they need, which also creates excellent opportunities for upselling and additional sales in the store.

Case details

Launch in November 2019


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS, BUM & eCommerce Search

Functions & features

Integration with Aspekt4 og Encode

Solid B2C & B2B solution

New coherent user experience for customers on the B2C and B2B market

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