Case: Fristads Kansas Group

Ground-breaking e-commerce solution

Hesehus has developed a unique e-commerce solution to Fristads Kansas Group

Europe’s leading provider of workwear Fristads Kansas Group has in cooperation with Hesehus developed a unique webshop solution in which all of Fristads Kansas Group’s customers, mainly comprised of large international companies, have their own customised webshop with specifically customised products and order options.

With an annual turnover of approx. DKK 3 billion and a product portfolio containing some of Europe's leading brands such as Norwegian workwear brand Wenaas, the Belgian B&C, the French Bragard & Lafont, and in Denmark the well-known Fristads Kansas brand, Fristads Kansas Group is among the absolute largest players in the market for workwear. For an organisation as Fristads Kansas Group that do business in workwear, it is alpha and omega that the large companies, that represent Fristads Kansas Group’s customers, have the selection presented in a simple way allowing only the specific products manufactured for the individual customers to be displayed in the webshop.

Case details

Launched in January 2012


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design



More than 400 webshops on the same platform

Number of users

400.000 unique users

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