Case: Dinex

Webshop accounts for 74% of the revenue

B2B e-commerce from 0 to 70%

With a turnover of DKK 2 billion in 16 markets in Europe, USA and Asia, the Danish manufacturer and supplier of innovative exhaust products and emission systems, Dinex, is one of the world’s absolute largest players in the international OE and aftermarket for heavy vehicles.

Dinex follows a very ambitious strategy in which e-commerce and digital tools play a very central role and as a global player in the automotive market, one of the very essential objectives for the new B2B total solution was to satisfy the needs of the company’s many different customer segments. And the huge flexibility of the solution and the many customisation options make it possible for Dinex to meet the customers’ expectations now and in the future. Today, more than 70% of Dinex’s turnover and orders in the aftermarket come directly from the ambitious e-commerce solution.

Stefan Dolleris, E-commerce Manager at Dinex

”In a continuously growing, global market, it is essential for us to have a global sales tool which reduces time to market and that can be used by all customers across national borders and regions. The new international B2B webshop makes it possible for us to be where the customers are. And the customers repayed by quickly accepting the solution – even so fast that only one month after go live, we saw 30% of the sale in the aftermarket completed in the webshop”

Integrated industry standard for product data

In the design and development of the new e-commerce solution, focus has very much been directed on creating a total approach to Dinex online allowing the customers to easily find all the information and data they need in their cooperation with Dinex. Product data plays a huge role for Dinex’s customers and the e-commerce solution is therefore equipped with an integration to TecDoc which is the automotive industry’s common standard and platform for product data where the manufacturers make their data available for the wholesalers. With this integration, the webshop can retrieve and use Dinex’s product data from TecDoc which also creates a large internal value for Dinex which in this way only has to maintain its data in one place.

With the webshop, Dinex makes it easy for customers to find all the data they need

Dinex - easy to do business with

Less-is-more search function

To make it easy and fast to do business with Dinex, the webshop’s search function has been designed based on the customers’ typical shopping situation which in the aftermarket often means that the customer has a specific exhaust component which needs to be replaced. As a result, the search function has been developed based on a less-is-more approach where the customers can search for specific Dinex item numbers, OE numbers or reference numbers. Via the number, the customer is lead directly into the product page of the compatible Dinex product where, by means of the XAL and the TecDoc integration, it is easy to get an overview of the product and add the required number to the shopping cart.

User-friendly bulk ordering

It is also possible for the customers who are used to ordering many different products at a time to upload a file (CSV, Excel, etc.) with product numbers and quantity directly in the webshop. When the file has been transferred, it is possible to see prices, pictures and inventory for each individual product. This means that the customers avoid the comprehensive work of keying in but they also get a total overview of their bulk ordering before completing the order. In short, via the webshop, the customers can easily and effortlessly find and order the products which are relevant to them – regardless of the size of the order.

Easy to do business with - also in the future

It is important to Dinex to be able to quickly act on the valuable insight into the customers’ needs and digital behaviour which the e-commerce solution continuously provides. As a result, the solution is exclusively built on the Bizzkit platform which is developed by Hesehus where the flexible interaction between PIM, DAM, CMS and the webshop makes it possible to continuously customise the solution with the functions and features needed to satisfy the customers' expectations now and in the future. In this way, Dinex can act fast on new sales potentials and initiate new measures to constantly ensure the best possible user-friendliness and not least the most optimal sales.

Stefan Dolleris, E-commerce Manager at Dinex

”E-commerce is a quite central element in our future strategy, and it is therefore crucial to have huge flexibility in our e-commerce solution which the Bizzkit platform offers. Furthermore, it is also important for us to have a business partner with experience in B2B e-commerce and solutions of an international nature and Hesehus has several successful on its reference list"

Case details

Launch in January 2020


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Integration to Microsoft XAL and TecDoc

Global commerce

Present across markets in Europe, USA and Asia

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