25 March 2020

Hesehus expand with more experienced profiles

At Hesehus we are working at full throttle to help our customers with their e-commerce ambitions. Therefore, we once again expand the team of ambitious hesehusians, this time around with two new profiles; an experienced CFO and a skilled Technical Presales Engineer.

Ulrik Greve​​​​​​​

On 16 March we welcomed Ulrik to the team when he started as a CFO at Hesehus. Ulrik is 53 years old and has a graduate diploma in business administration specialising in Accounting and Financial Management from the University of Southern Denmark from 1995. Most recently Ulrik has been working as a CFO at Fazer Food Services. As CFO at Hesehus, Ulrik will be at the head of our finance and administration department, where he will be playing a crucial role in ensuring, that we reach our ambitious goals in connection to Bizzkit’s international growth, among other things.

Ulrik Greve, CFO at Hesehus
Ole Korterman Ellebæk, Technical Presales Engineer at Hesehus

Ole Korterman Ellebæk​​​​​​​

On 1 March we said hello to Ole for the first time, when he started as a Technical Presales Engineer at Hesehus. Ole is 44 years old and has most recently been working as a Presales System Engineer at CapaSystems. As a Technical Presales Engineer at Hesehus, Ole will be part of our Bizzkit platform team, where he will be playing a key role in sales processes and preliminary analyses for new partners on Bizzkit’s international markets.

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