21. september 2021

Hesehus increases its workforce: 6 new faces in September and 45 more up until the turn of the year​​​​​​​

In Hesehus, we are experiencing a continued increasing demand for ambitious e-commerce solutions as well as expert knowledge and strategic feedback on everything from UX design to digital marketing and online performance. We are therefore once again expanding the team and welcome six competent profiles. Our objective to increase our workforce with 30 new hesehusians in three months has been achieved with this strong team. We are now raising the bar and as part of our ambitious strategy plan, we are kick-starting this autumn with the objective of appointing another 45 up until the turn of the year.​​​​​​​

Louise Schorjahn Iversen

On 1 September, we had the pleasure of welcoming Louise to the team as a Marketing Coordinator. Louise is 29 years old and has a Master’s in International Company Communication from Aarhus University from 2017, and her latest position was as PR & SoMe Manager in Beautycos. In Hesehus, Louise has become part of our marketing team, in which she will be responsible for a wide range of marketing and communication tasks for our e-commerce platform Bizzkit and will therefore be playing a central role in Bizzkit’s continued international growth journey.

Louise Schorjahn Iversen, Marketing Coordinator, Hesehus
Mia Blandebjerg Thorsen, Praktikant i UX Design, Hesehus

Mia Blandebjerg Thorsen

On 1 September, we also welcomed Mia to the team when she started as a trainee in our UX Design team. Mia has previously been working as an Online Manager in Henning Ibsen and is already a familiar face in our UX Design team, where she has previously been in a company internship programme in connection with her Bachelor’s in Digital Concept Development. Mia is now working on her Master's in Web Communication with a dissertation in interaction design at the University of Southern Denmark, which she will finish in 2022. During her internship in Hesehus, Mia will contribute to the team's work with user surveys and evaluation of digital user interfaces.​​​​​​​

Philip Håkonsson

We had the pleasure of meeting Philip for the first time on 1 September when he started as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Philip is 32 years old and has an MA in Media Science from the University of Southern Denmark from 2016. Philip’s latest position was as Senior Digital Advisor in Tokerød Plus. As Digital Marketing Specialist in Hesehus, Philip has become part of our marketing team, where he will be responsible for digital marketing activities such as data analysis, digital advertising and marketing automation for Hesehus as well as our e-commerce platform Bizzkit.​​​​​​​

Philip Håkonsson, Digital Marketing Specialist, Hesehus
Rune Søgaard Larsen, Senior Developer, Hesehus

Rune Søgaard Larsen

On 1 September, we also welcomed Rune on his first day as a Senior Developer in Hesehus. Rune is 46 years old and has a Master of Science in Data Technology from the University of Southern Denmark from 2003. He comes from a position as Software Developer in Vitec Aloc. As Senior Developer in Hesehus, Rune will be part of our platform team Bizzkit, where he will be working with software development in Bizzkit’s various products and modules.​​​​​​​

Signe Beck

1 September was also the day when we welcomed Signe to the team as Art Director. Signe is 30 years old and holds a professional bachelor's degree in Design & Business specialised in Brand Design from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology from 2017. Signe’s latest position was as Art Director in STEP. In Hesehus, Signe has become part of our UX Design team in which she plays a key role in translating our ambitious customers' strategy into innovative, digital design that excites and makes the users want to come back again and again.​​​​​​​

Signe Beck, Art Director, Hesehus
Sune Dogan, Head of Development Team, Hesehus

Sune Dogan

Last, but not least, on 1 September, we also had the pleasure of welcoming Sune to the team as a Head of Development Team. Sune is 36 years old and is already a familiar face in Hesehus, as he has previously been part of the team as a Project Manager. Since then, Sune has been working as a Digital Lead in Nellemann Bilimport responsible for all digital platforms, primarily Kia and MG. As Head of Development in Hesehus, Sune will be heading the customer team which develops solutions for customers such as H.J. Hansen Vin, bcm transtech and El-salg.​​​​​​​

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The growth journey continues! In August, we have rounded off the summer in the best possible way by welcoming no less than 14 new hesehusians to our team. Among these are a razor-sharp Project Manager, three talented Developers and an experienced Head of Commercial for our platform team Bizzkit. At the same time, Bizzkit has moved into new, larger premises in Sverigesgade.
In Hesehus, we kick-start the summer in the best possible way by welcoming 11 strong profiles to the team in Odense – including two experienced profiles to our UX Design team and five razor-sharp software developers. Next step on the growth journey is Aarhus where we open an office with a team in the office community The Startup Company and we are looking forward to welcoming even more dedicated software developers.
The team of Hesehusians is growing, and we now have the pleasure of presenting seven new, digitally strong profiles that, together with the rest of the team, will help our customers fulfill their e-commerce ambitions. With the new ambitious strategy that we, together with our new owners QNTM Group, have put in place for both Hesehus and our e-commerce platform Bizzkit, we can look forward to welcoming another 30 new faces over the next two months.