Commercial Sort

Increase conversion with the ultimate product sorting and get full control of your category pages and search results so they always show the most valuable products.

Create the ultimate product sorting with Bizzkit Commercial Sort

Create the ultimate product sorting

Bizzkit Commercial Sort is an add-on to the Bizzkit-platformen and is customised to increase your conversion by optimising the sorting of your product listing pages (PLP).

Commercial Sort makes it possible to combine strategic business parameters with data on your customers’ behaviour. In this way, you can ensure the most optimal sorting of your products which meets the customers’ expectations as well as your commercial needs.​​​​​​​

Business knowledge and user behaviour combined

Increase the revenue of your product categories by combining behavioural parameters such as previous purchases, add-to-basket and clicks with your business parameters such as news, inventory status, margin, popularity and much more.

By continuously fine-tuning weights of the individual parameters, you can optimise your product lists to show the products which your customers find most relevant and at the same time priorities the products which you would like to sell.

Commercial Sort combines business knowledge and user behaviour

Get data insights quick as lightning

The transparent system allows you to quickly obtain valuable data insights based on your knowledge and experiences. Explore the customers’ behaviour, test your hypotheses and continuously fine-tune weights of each parameter allowing you to meet the customers’ expectations even faster.

Efficient with an easy-to-use system

The user-friendliness is top notch and it is easy for the Product Managers as well as entire digital teams to set up, adjust and optimise the sorting parameters.

Follow all changes live and keep a close eye on how the set up split tests perform or which parameters drive the largest conversion.

Efficient workflows with an easy-to-use system, Bizzkit Commercial Sort
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