03 February 2022

Anniversary: 10 years with international online sales to Nordfrim

After 10 years of cooperation and a scalable e-commerce solution for international sales as a result, Hesehus and the world's largest supplier within sale of stamps, Nordfrim, now celebrate their 10th anniversary. And the good cooperation continues.

10 years with global e-commerce

High performance, handling of various subsidiaries in different countries and roll-out in even more international markets. This was the vision when Nordfrim 10 years ago came to Hesehus to have an ambitious e-commerce solution. A solution which today fulfils the vision and supports more than one million B2B and B2C customers across eight markets.

The ambitions do not stop here and the results from the past decade’s cooperation today also include several innovative online solutions such as subscription, auction and branded shops.

Nordfrim har i 10 år gjort det nemt at bestille frimærker online

Casper Bo Jørgensen, Customer Relations Manager at Hesehus

“From the beginning, Nordfrim was very ambitious and far-sighted and throughout the past 10 years of cooperation, we have had the opportunity to have many of our qualifications come into play. For example in connection with the development of their auction and subscription solutions. It has been a pleasure to be part of Nordfrim’s digital journey and we look forward to continuing the cooperation.”

Far-sighted e-commerce with subscription and auction

To continue satisfying the requests for flexibility and functionality for the more than 250,000 Scandinavian stamp collectors, whom Nordfrim services, the solution has been continuously expanded since the launch.

For example with the development of a subscription solution in which collectors can subscribe to stamps within their specific areas of interest as well as an unique auction solution which allows them to bid for particularly attractive products.

Learn much more about Nordfrim's e-commerce solution here

Do you need a flexible and future-proof e-commerce solution? We would like to invite you for a cup of coffee or we can visit you for a non-binding talk.

Please contact Business Development Manager, Ditte Tvede Arentoft, at: +45 20 47 24 44 or write to: diar@hesehus.dk

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