13 March 2019

Welcome to the new hesehusians

The development at Hesehus is going fast and to be able to continuously accommodate our clients’ wishes and deliver strategic e-commerce solutions we have welcomed six new hesehusians in February and March including an Analytics Manager and a Business Architect.

Frederik Ploug-Johansen, Developer at Hesehus

Frederik Ploug-Johansen

On 11 February we welcomed Frederik Ploug-Johansen as he started as a Developer at Hesehus. Frederik is 24 years old and has a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from University of Southern Denmark from 2017. Previously Frederik has worked as a Developer at Netcompany. As a Developer at Hesehus Frederik will be a part of the team working on solutions for customers like Stof & Stil, Zizzi and DinApoteker.

Majken Sander, Analytics Manager at Hesehus

Majken Sander

On 1 March we also welcomed Majken Sander as our new Analytics Manager at Hesehus. Majken is 44 years old and educated Economist specialised in IT & Analysis in 1997. Previously Majken has worked as Head of Analyst Relations & DWH Solution Architect at TimeXtender. At Hesehus Majken will be in charge of our analytics team and their work with SEO, analysis and optimization.

Martin Nürnberg Gundertofte, Team Manager at Hesehus

Martin Nürnberg Gundertofte

On 1 March we welcomed Martin Nürnberg Gundertofte as well when he started as a Team Manager at Hesehus. Martin is 41 years old and educated BSc IKT in Software Development from University of Southern Denmark in 2004. Furthermore, Martin has an HD in Organization and Management from University of Southern Denmark from 2018. Martin comes from a position as Consultant Manager at FlowIT. As Team Manager at Hesehus Martin will be responsible for the team, which works on solutions for customers like Design Eyewear Group, Wupti and Fazer.

Christopher Gersbo-Møller, Business Architect at  Hesehus

Christopher Gersbo-Møller

On 1 March we also said hello to Christopher Gersbo-Møller for the first time as he started as our new Business Architect at Hesehus. Christopher is 46 years old and is educated MSc in Computer System Engineering from University of Southern Denmark in 2002. Previously Christopher has worked as a Senior Business Architect at KMD Energy Management & System Integration. As a Business Architect at Hesehus Christopher will be working in the team that delivers solutions for our customer Matas.

Christian Højgaard, Lead Developer at Hesehus

Christian Højgaard

On the same day, we welcomed Christian Højgaard, who started as a Lead Developer at Hesehus. Christian is 31 years old and educated MSc IT in Software Development from It University in Copenhagen in 2012. Previously Christian has worked at Pentia as a Systems Consultant. At Hesehus Christian will be part of the team, which is working on solutions for customers like BabySam, DinApoteker and Zizzi.

Michelle Flytkjær Madsen, Marketing Assistant at Hesehus

Michelle Flytkjær Madsen

Last, but not least, we also welcomed Michelle Flytkjær Madsen on 1 March, when she started as Marketing Assistant at Hesehus. Michelle is 27 years old and educated MA in International Business Communication in 2018. Michelle has previously worked with marketing and communication at Civica and helphouse.io. As a maternity cover for our Marketing Assistant Charlotte, Michelle will be responsible for a variety of marketing tasks within the fields of both corporate and employer branding.

More news

More news from Hesehus

At Hesehus we have in the best way been hit by busyness on the recruitment area. This has resulted in a handful of new permanent employments and seven new interns and project students, which we are very proud to be presenting here.
As part of one of Denmark’s leading, digital web agencies’ long-term and ambitious strategy, Hesehus is expanding the board of directors by a very experienced profile within the IT industry.
At Hesehus we had the best start on 2019 where four new, qualified Hesehusians were added to the team. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you three Frontend Developers and one Senior Developer.