7 February 2020

More ambitious hesehusians to the team

At Hesehus, neither we nor our customers, have gone into winter hibernation. Therefore, we now extend the team of competent hesehusians and welcome two strong international profiles and a skilled Project Manager.

Indira Nurdiani Jabangwe​​​​​​​

On 6 January we said hello to Indira for the first time, when she started as an Academy Master at Hesehus. Indira is 34 years old and holds a Ph.D. in Software Engineering from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden from 2018. Previously Indira has worked as an Assistant Professor at The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. As an Academy Master at Hesehus Indira will be part of the team, which is working on our e-commerce platform Bizzkit, where she will be playing a key role in the technical education of Bizzkit’s international Solution Partners.

Indira Nurdiani Jabangwe, Academy Master at Hesehus
Daniel De Las Heras González, DevOps at Hesehus

Daniel De Las Heras González

On 6 January we also welcomed Daniel to the team, when he started as a DevOps at Hesehus. Daniel is 33 years old and educated Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University on Gran Canaria in 2013. Previously Daniel has worked as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Visma in Letland. As a DevOps at Hesehus Daniel will, among other things, be working with the ongoing optimisation and streamlining of processes, e.g. setup and upgrade of servers, monitoring and so on.

Cathrine Kirsten Jørgensen​​​​​​​

Last, but not least, we welcomed Cathrine on 3 February, when she started as a Project Manager at Hesehus. Cathrine is 26 years old and educated Master of Science in Engineering, specialising in Operations Management from the University of Southern Denmark in January 2020. Previously Cathrine has been working as a Student Assistant within the field of Supply Chain at Exhausto A/S. As a Project Manager at Hesehus Cathrine will be working with the ongoing optimisation of our project model and data insights from our different projects.

Cathrine Kirsten Jørgensen​​​​​​​, Project Manager at Hesehus

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