19 May 2017

Inspiration wins the E-Commerce Award 2017

The lifestyle chain Inspiration elegantly distinguishes itself and wins one of the prestigious E-Commerce Awards for the second time.

Last night, the top of the Danish e-commerce industry met in the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre for the year's biggest event the E-Commerce Award 2017. For the second time in just three years, the prize went to Inspiration that came on stage as the winner of the E-Commerce Award in the category 'Best digital campaign'.

In the category ‘Best digital campaign’, the prize goes to the company that has developed a digital media campaign which has activated its target group and obtained new leads, increased sales or positive media coverage. The jury, selected by FDIH, explained the reason behind selecting Inspiration as the winner:

Inspiration has managed to rethink the traditional marketing in the industry. The strategy is sharp and well executed and the use of new media platforms has created a high return on investment and has won back old customers. It is an inspiring and elegant solution which brings victory to Inspiration".

Inspiration vinder E-handelsprisen 2017

Frank Siim Sørensen, Managing Director at Inspiration, in his acceptance speech

“Thank you so much, we are really proud! And now that we stand here, we should remember to be honest, and we are of course mega pleased with the prize. But first of all, we are super happy about the 600,000 customers who visited us during this campaign and shopped in our shops. Thank you so much! Many thanks to the staff and the entire team that runs our web and our web department every day and thank you very much to Nørgård Mikkelsen that came up with the idea for the campaign and thank you so much to Hesehus that helped us implement it”

Inspiration vinder E-handelsprisen 2017

E-Commerce Award 2017, Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

E-Commerce Award 2017, Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

Inspiration’s digital catalogue of offers has been created in a partnership between the advertising agency Nørgård Mikkelsen that has created the innovative and inspiring design and Inspiration’s permanent online partner Hesehus that has been responsible for development and implementation. The catalogue is exclusively prepared on the software platform Bizzkit in the flexible and responsive CMS which Inspiration’s e-commerce solution is also based on. For the project, Hesehus has developed several unique placeholders and the design includes animations and measurements which have required an extraordinary performance from the front-end developers in the Hesehus UX Design team. And of course the team has thought mobile first and in a maximum performance.

Dacapo Stainless vinder sølv til E-handelsprisen 2017

Silver to Dacapo Stainless

In addition to the top position for Inspiration, Hesehus’s customer Dacapo Stainless won silver in the category ‘Best B2B company with an online turnover of up to DKK 100 million.’ The wholesale company Dacapo Stainless, which is one of the big players in the European stainless steel market, won silver for its impressive online growth which today amounts to 30% of all of the company's orders.

With the top position for Inspiration, the e-commerce house Hesehus can now be proud of having helped Danish e-sellers to win 14 top positions in the competition for the E-Commerce Award – of which four are of a very high calibre; Lemvigh-Müller in 2012, Matas in 2013 and Inspiration in 2015 and 2017.

See Inspiration's digital catalogue of offers

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The increased use of mobile devices in online shopping, which we have seen in recent years, seems to continue. It is therefore crucial for e-sellers that your webshops perform optimally on the mobile. It is where the customers are and they expect that it is easy, simple and fast to shop from the mobile.
In an e-commerce market characterised by rapid growth, Hesehus experiences a constantly increasing demand for large, ambitious state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions. As a result, we are always looking for the most talented software developers and this time we chose a developer from Brazil.
The jury behind the prestigious E-Commerce Award 2017 has selected the top five for all of the 12 categories. For the eight year in succession, Hesehus has customers among the nominated, namely Inspiration and Dacapo Stainless.