Case: Zizzi

The clothing chain Zizzi has huge online ambitions

Market leading webshop

Zizzi, The Nordic countries' largest chain within curvy fashion with more than 110 shops, has launched a new responsive webshop and the bar has been set high; the webshop has to be market leading as Zizzi's physical shops are today. To accommodate Zizzi’s objectives, Hesehus has integrated optimal user-friendliness in all aspects of the shop in design as well as in the development of Zizzi's new webshop and not least in relation to the channels in which Zizzi decides to interact with its customers. As a result, the webshop is developed in a responsive design allowing the customers who visit the webshop from, e.g. tablets or smartphones, to be met by the same high level of user-friendliness. The members of the customer club Club Zizzi can also log in with their club login and have the same advantages in the webshop as in the physical shops.

Sales-oriented front page

On all pages of the website, Zizzi clearly communicates the advantages of shopping in the webshop. On top of the pages, in a black bar, which stands out from the rest of the page, the customers find four USPs (unique selling propositions) about fast delivery, easy return, free delivery for purchases of more than DKK 600 and contact info on customer service – a bar that recurs on all of the following pages. In this way, the customers avoid spending unnecessary time on finding information hidden on a page far down in the menu structure. The basket is placed in a central position on top of the page in an eye-catching colour.  For further optimal user-friendliness, the basket is of course also accessible from all pages.

Explore Zizzi's new webshop

Zizzi wants a market leading webshop

Social shopping and interaction

To provide optimal user-friendliness and customer service is not only a question of making the customer's way to the purchase as easy as possible. Today, in addition to being serviced and informed the customers expect to be inspired. In the webshop, Zizzi has a menu option called ‘Get inspired’ with content that inspires Zizzi’s customers with everything from the online issue of Zizzi’s magazine The Curvy, and the latest trends to blogger events, Zizzi's personal styling and Zizzi’s curvy fashion TV.

The trend of inspiration also goes the other way around as the phenomenon ‘social shopping’ – the idea of involving friends and acquaintances in the shopping experience – gains more and more foothold. The consumers do not just want to be inspired but are also interested in inspiring others and Zizzi is of course following this trend. In the webshop, it is therefore possible for the customer to 'like' or share each product on Facebook just as they can be shared on Google+ or on Pinterest.

Zizzi embraces social shopping in the new webshop

Product list with optimal UX

The product list is yet another example of how Zizzi has been able to think user-friendliness into all aspects in the shop. After having decided on a main category such as 'tops', 'jeans' or 'coats', the customers are presented with a left menu which provides them with the possibility of refining their searches based on filters such as ‘price’, ‘colour’ and ‘size’. When the customer clicks on the product page, it is possible to see large, beautiful product images of the product from various angles and the customer can via a zoom function see details, patterns, etc. in a close-up. In addition, Zizzi guides the customers on the product page via the feature ‘Recommended for you’ which displays a selection of products similar to the product chosen by the customer. It all contributes to maximise online sales.

Zizzi implements optimal UX in the new webshop

Malene, blogger on Piece of my mind  

“I think that  it is much easier to navigate the webshop now– especially from my smartphone. It is so easy to take a quick look to see if there are some new, exciting products. That is often the case so of course it is quite tempting to 'just take a look' ...”

Three months after the launch of its new webshop, Zizzi was ready with a Swedish counterpart which went online in May 2015.

Visit the Swedish webshop

Case details

Danish webshop launched in February 2015

Also present in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, and Norway


Webshop, PIM, DAM, and CMS

Functions & features

Responsive design, stringent product structure, sophisticated search, and interaction with social media


Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, and Norway

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