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Matas behind unique styling concept

Complete experience both online and offline

With StyleBox by Matas, Matas introduces its customers to a unique total experience of luxury, online as well as offline. With the concept StyleBox by Matas, Matas has gathered all areas of styling in one place. In six shops across the country, the customer can get the entire package as she is met by a team of hairdressers, make-up artists, nail technicians, and salespersons ready to give her a makeover. Of course it is also possible for the customer to buy all the products. The customer can also visit the online StyleBox universe 24 hours a day. The webshop offers all the products as well as the newest beauty trends by use of videos, blogs, and articles. With the physical shops and the webshop, StyleBox definitely creates the ultimative shopping experience – online and offline.

StyleBox by Matas creates complete experience in the webshop

Annette Kristine Poulsen from the blog Beautyspace

"Matas has created a brand new series of concept stores that has nothing to do with the ”stripes” as we know them. StyleBox is a beautystop where you can get an entire makeover”

The webshop was created in only eight weeks

Webshop in only eight weeks

As mentioned above, StyleBox by Matas was a completely new and unique concept in Denmark when it was launched in the summer 2013. It was therefore important that the project was kept a secret right up until the launch and at the same time it was also crucial to the PR effect that the webshop as well as the shops were ready to be launched at the same time. As a result, the website was developed in only eight weeks ready for the launch together with the StyleBox by Matas shops.

Sisse Melsen, writer for Trends Online

"StyleBox by Matas – instead of the actual webshop, the first thing you see on is the blog and booking site. The combination of video content, tips, and booking gives a great total experience. The users can also keep up with the newest beauty trends.”

Customer-friendly webshop

In the integrated webshop at, which was fully developed in November, you find a wide range of esteemed products – the same products and brands that the professional StyleBox stylists prefer to work with professionally and at home. This makes it possible for the individual customer to maintain the look given by the professional stylists in the shop if the customer has not already bought the products in the shop.

The webshop has many unique options. A number of intuitive filtering and search functions are of course integrated making it easy for the customer to find the right product. The webshop also includes an intelligent shopping basket that remembers what the customer has placed in the basket for up to seven days which means that if a customer leaves the webshop and returns later, he or she does not have to search for the products again.

Explore StyleBox By Matas' new webshop

StyleBox By Matas' new webshp is highly user-friendly

Case details

Launched in June and November 2013


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS, and Design

Functions & features

Responsive webshop, intuitive filtering and search function, and intelligent shopping basket


Eight weeks

The webshop was developed in only eight weeks

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