Case: Superbest

The first grocery shop online

 Hesehus is behind the first webshop for buying groceries

In November 2009, SuperBest opened an online shop with delivery right to the door as the first national supermarket chain in Denmark. With an available range of more than 4000 different products, the online shop is the first to offer the Danish consumers a serious alternative to the often tiring trip to the supermarket after work.  In 2011, SuperBest, also as the first in Denmark, launches an app so the consumers can easily shop groceries on their smartphones.

The e-commerce solution from Hesehus does not only feature the webshop. It also manages the packaging process, customer service, sales reporting, and search engine optimisation. Furthermore, the ambitious solution is integrated with a number of central systems in SuperBest and with the systems of the distribution partner Budstikken.

 SuperBest's online grocery store developed by Hesehus

Use the mobile as a shopping list

The app also contains a user-friendly feature for the customers who shop in the physical store, namely the function 'Shopping list'. With the mobile phone and the app, the shopping list is always right at hand for the customer. The feature also makes it possible for the customer to 'tick of' the product when it has been put it in the shopping cart. Last, but not least, the feature has been designed to allow the customer to add products to the shopping list directly from the weekly supermarket leaflet from Superbest which of course is also found in the app. In addition, the app contains recipes and a feature that enables the customers to place the ingredients for a specific recipe in the basket – all of them at once or just the ingredients the customer does not have in his or her kitchen cupboards.

SuperBest's app for buying groceries developed by Hesehus

Case details

The webshop was launched in November 2009 and the app in 2011


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Customer intake

During the first period of time after the launch, the customer intake grew by 15-20%


Top 3 position at the E-Commerce Award 2010 in the category 'Cross-channel Integration'

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