Case: Nordfrim

Objective: to increase online sales fivefold

 Nordfrim is the world's largest supplier of stamps

Nordfrim is the largest supplier worldwide when it comes to marketing and sale of new stamp issues and the company serves more than 250,000 Scandinavian collectors and carry out wholesaling for booksellers and stamp dealers in Europe. The company has subsidiaries in Finland, Holland, France, Italy and Spain and plans to set up in new markets such as China later on. With the development of the new webshop, there was no doubt about the objective: it had to be able to manage all subsidiaries, open up for further international sales and in the long run result in a fivefold increase of Nordfrim’s online sales.

User-friendly and flexible design

Nordfrim had very specific requirements for the new web design which, i.a., had to hit a very inhomogeneous target group and at the same time find a geographic expression which fits Nordfrim as well as the five subsidiaries with their individual logos and graphic profiles. In addition, it was important to Nordfrim that user-friendliness and increased conversion rates were incorporated as key elements in the design. To match Nordfrim’s design requirements, Hesehus has kept the basic design in neutral colours which gives a serious and calm expression. The expression is based on elements that can be associated with stamps. The background is, for example, created in a wavy structure inspired by the structure from that of an envelope and to create an expression that is as credible and original as possible, a few postage stamps have been included on the background. Colours are added to the various main elements to improve the basic design. The colour universe and the logo vary according to which subsidiary is represented.

To ensure the best possible user-friendliness, Hesehus has made it visually and technically easy for Nordfrim's customers to decode the design. The type size is easy to read, the search field is always visible and placed in a central position and the main menu is manageable with large buttons. Furthermore, ‘Add to basket’ and ‘Check out’ are kept in the well-known green colour, which we know from experience, is the colour that guides the customers and converts the best.

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Nordfrim's webshop for the sale of stamps focuses on user-friendliness

Cross-border webshop

In addition to Denmark, Nordfrim provides the webshop in Sweden, Finland, Holland, France, Italy, Spain and China and this makes demands on the technical set-up in particular. To accommodate Nordfrim’s cross-border e-commerce, the PIM that supplies product information to the webshop is set up to handle an unlimited number of languages. By default, the new e-commerce solution contains eight languages but Nordfrim can always add more languages and thereby provide the webshop to new markets.  

The PIM also enables Nordfrim to vary the prices of the individual product on parameters such as customer, item number, country, language and volume. In addition, Hesehus has decided to limit the number of products per product list page as especially international customers with relatively slow Internet connections may experience a reduced performance in case of too many products per page. Last but not least, Nordfrim has chosen a sophisticated international payment solution from DIBS which makes it possible for the individual subsidiary to use the forms of payment that are relevant to them, e.g. Carte Bleue in France and PINpas in Holland.

Nordfrim sells stamps via an international e-commerce solution developed by Hesehus

Case details

Launched in August 2011


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Management of unlimited number of languages, and functions to ensure additional sales


The webshop is launched in eight countries

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