Case: Aagaard

Welcome to a world of jewellery

 Aagaard presents their customers with a unique online universe

The Danish jewellery company Aagaard is one of the leading suppliers of jewellery in Scandinavia, Germany, France, and USA that have all taken the selection of jewellery from Aagaard to heart. Today, the Danish jewellery company includes a large number of internationally acknowledged jewellery brands and the selection comprises more than 20,000 products. Aagaard wants to introduce its dealers and customers to a unique online universe – but with the ambition to remain a wholesale company, it is most important that the webshop supports its dealer network and serves more like a marketing tool than a sales tool.

Unique functions separate Aagaard from the competitors

The customers have numerous online jewellery suppliers to choose from so one of the criteria for a successful webshop is to offer the best possible customer service. The product list pages have an integrated, sophisticated filtration menu where the customer can filter displayed products based on, e.g. brand, price, material, colour, stone and carat. This makes  considerable demands on the underlying solution – demands that are fulfilled by the Hesehus 6 platform.

Aagaard launched its new online universe in August 2011 and the reactions from Aagaard's dealers have been very positive. That Aagaard is responsible for all sales and marketing of the webshop but the local goldsmith acts as the consignor, have proven to be the perfect strategy and not least the breeding ground for further strengthening the cooperation between Aagaard and its dealer network.

 Aagaard's new webshop has been developed on the Bizzkit platform
The e-commerce house Hesehus is behind Aagaard's new webshop

Case details

Launched in August 2011


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS, and Design

Functions & features

Webshop with unique URL for all Danish dealers, login-based dealer webshop, and sophisticated filtering menu

From the dealers' point of view

Dealer specific prices, access to marketing activities, and a webshop with a unique dealer URL

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