Case: Stories

A shoppable inspirational universe

 Matas' inspiration universe Stories has inspiration for everything from makeup to health

Stories, was created by Matas based on the idea of not only offering products to the consumers but also providing stories which would inspire the customers to shop. In addition, the idea was to make it easier for the consumers to jump directly from the inspirational phase to the shopping phase and in this way remove the barrier of having to search for the products in a webshop after having been inspired to shop elsewhere.

Stories is based on a number of inspirational articles within various topics where the consumers may be inspired by the latest trends and tendencies. The articles in Stories work exactly like any other beauty magazine with catchy and inspiring content - however, with the essential difference that the consumers only have to click once on the products in the articles to place them directly in the basket in Matas's webshop.

Flexible CMS for the creatives

An important factor for Matas, which runs Stories, was that the CMS had to be user friendly and flexible allowing the creativity to be given free rein in the individual articles. Bizzkit CMS is perfect for such a solution with focus on the visual touch and freedom at the same time as the user interface is clear and user friendly.

The Bizzkit CMS is based on a “what you see, is what you get” editor allowing the pages during the creation to completely imitate what the page will look like online. In this way, it is possible to let the creative talents loose and have a full overview of every article – also during the creation.

To create the optimal framework for the Matas employees who work on Stories and the layout of all content, Hesehus provided templates for the CMS which were customised to match Stories’s needs. It is a huge help for the employees to be able to design great and captivating articles without having to start from scratch every time.

Nicoline Kongedam Madsen, Marketing Coordinator, Club Matas

”In connection with the start-up of the Stories universe last year, I became acquainted with Bizzkit CMS for the first time, and I was convinced from day one! It is super user friendly and I have the creative freedom as well as the possibility of working with templates which means that we can save time and energy during a working day where quality content has to be produced very fast”

Matas' Stories offers customers lots of inspiring articles

Powerful interaction between CMS og webshop

In order to simplify the customer journey and skip the irrelevant steps, it was important that the interaction between Stories’s CMS and Matas’s webshop was optimal. The interaction was created via placeholders in the CMS which is linked to the products and the other functionality in Matas's webshop.

If the consumers want to add a product as favourite, place it in the basket or read more about it, it can be accessed directly from the article. This allows a smooth transition between Stories and Matas’s webshop which simplifies the consumers’ customer journey and removes the trouble of having to distinguish between the two universes.

Get inspired by Matas' Stories created on the Bizzkit platform

Case details

Launched in May 2017


Webshop, PIM, DAM  and CMS

Functions & features

Shoppable articles and placeholders

Complete design freedom

Flexible and user friendly CMS with great design freedom

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