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Stof & Stil's international webshop

Stof & Stil's DIY bag in floral print

Stof & Stil was founded in 1980 starting with just one single shop in Herning. But the company grew fast and today it counts 28 shops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. Also mail order sales and later online sales led to further growth and expansions.

With the new, innovative e-commerce solution developed on the Bizzkit platform, online sales are now a primary element in Stof & Stil’s long-term, strategic objectives.

The customer needs to be inspired

Stof & Stil’s new webshop is an inspiring digital universe created in an exquisite and inviting design with focus on user experience and a high level of customer involvement. In addition to shopping in the webshop, the customers can play with the many different materials, colours and products on their own personal moodboards. The design is, i.a., characterised by large , inspiring product images and the webshop gives the customers plenty of suggestions and not least opportunities to test ideas so that they become inspired to create exiting and funny DIY projects.

Women dressed in do-it-yourself projects from Stof & Stil inspiration universe

Josephine Hagger, E-commerce Manager at Stof & Stil

”The aim of the new webshop is to provide our online customers with the best possible shopping experience. We achieve this by meeting them visually with an exquisite and inviting design, ensuring that they have optimal user-friendliness in the form of an intuitive and simple navigation on the site and not least by giving them plenty of inspiration, advice and guidance, e.g. in the form of our new feature STOF & STIL Moodboard which functions as the customers' own inspiration pin-up board"

Stof & Stil's inspiration universe
Stof & Stil moodboard


STOF & STIL Kit is yet another completely new feature placed under the menu item “Inspiration” which is developed for the purpose of inspiring and making it easy for the customers. Here the customers can find total kits for various projects, e.g. felted Easter eggs or confirmation dresses containing sewing patterns, all the products needed as well as a picture of the finished result. It is also possible for the customer to choose between the different variants of the products in order to create her own unique design. Afterwards, the customer can place all the products directly in the basket or share her design on Facebook or Pinterest.

Explore Stof & Stil's new webshop

Stof & Stil kit

Case details

Launched in February 2016

Now present in 12 countries, among these in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Spain


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

STOF & STIL Moodboard, STOF & STIL Kit, and integration with the social media


Top 3 position at the E-Commerce Award 2016

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