Case: Plandent

80% of sales are made via webshop and app

 Plandent is Denmark's largest supplier of equipment, consumer goods, etc. to dental clinics

Denmark’s largest supplier of equipment, consumer goods, IT and training for dental clinics Plandent obtains the main part of its turnover from the Internet. For 14 years, Plandent has been one of the e-commerce solution provider Hesehus' customers and over the years Plandent’s solutions have been improved and updated on a regular basis to ensure the best shopping experience for Plandent’s customers. As a result, with a market share of approx. 50% Plandent today obtains 80% of its turnover from the Internet.

With such a large online turnover, it is essential to have a well-functioning and modern webshop in order to hold on to the customers. In Plandent’s current webshop solution from Hesehus both of these requirements are met – and then some. In addition to the webshop, Plandent makes it even easier for the clinics to shop online with the new app Smartkøb launched in 2016.

Customer-friendly B2B webshop

Plandent’s webshop has many unique features developed specifically for Plandent’s needs. The webshop has been built to allow each of Plandent’s customers, mainly consisting of dental clinics, to have their own login. When the customer is logged in, it is possible to see from each individual product description as well as from the product list how much the clinic normally buys of the product in question. It is also possible for the customer to see when and how much the clinic has most recently ordered of the product in question and the order history goes back no less than two years. This makes it easy and time-saving for the individual clinic to reorder products that the clinic has previously purchased. Furthermore, the customer can set up his/her own favourite products for which the customer will have easy access and thus the possibility of a fast order.

Targeted marketing

The specially developed Bizzkit Webshop module provides Plandent with the possibility of targeting its marketing to each individual customer group. This allows Plandent to set up specific welcome pages to be displayed after login. In this way, the welcome page can be adjusted and optimised for each individual customer and this may increase Plandent’s sales as it allows the marketing of Plandent’s products to be targeted specifically to the individual customer group.

Online ordering with image recognition

In spring 2016, Plandent launched the app Smartkøb. The app makes it possible for, e.g. the dental assistant to take a picture of a Plandent product and by use of image recognition find the product as well as variants hereof and then place it directly in the basket and order it. Quick, easy, and simple. The app’s scanning function can also be used to scan the barcode and then follow the same procedure. Furthermore, it is as easy for the customer in the app as in the webshop to reorder previous orders. It is always possible to get an overview of the order history and the customer can choose only to be presented with its own products. As in the webshop, it is easy for the customer to place products in the basket directly from the list and it is of course also possible to see product details from here.

Plandent's app Smartkøb makes it easy for clinic assistants to order products

Sale of equipment between customers

Plandent’s website contains a very unique feature that makes it possible for Plandent's customers to advertise their second-hand dental equipment so that other Plandent customers can see it and buy it. Plandent is not involved in the actual purchasing process but is only responsible for the advertising functionality. Plandent does not profit on this functionality but it is part of the company’s ambition to offer its customers an overall solution where they can buy dental equipment as well as obtain professional knowledge and inspiration.

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Case details

Webshop launched in 2012 and the Smartkøb app launched in 2016


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Smartkøb app with image recognition, extensive order history, and targeted marketing


Online turnover

Plandent obtains 80% of its turnover from the Internet

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