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New e-commerce solution with high data quality and performance insights generates online growth

BabySam – e-commerce across the entire chain

With a turnover of DKK 500 million annually divided across 33 retail stores, sales to institutions and online sales, BabySam is the biggest player by far on the Danish market for baby and children’s equipment. The chain has targeted investments in recent years in increased efforts to create Denmark’s strongest platform for its customers, with a unique presence across channels, and is now Denmark’s strongest and most future-proof chain in the industry.

Its unrelenting focus on e-commerce, SoMe activities and a strengthened store concept have been consistently well received by customers, and, with a desire to further strengthen its omnichannel activities, BabySam has now gone one step further with a total solution from Hesehus.

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New total solution generates 113% online growth
BabySam – e-commerce across the entire chain

New total solution generates 113% online growth

With the new e-commerce solution, which has been developed on the software platform Bizzkit, BabySam has managed to generate no less than 113% online growth on a highly competitive market and has seen an increase in its conversion rate by 44%. This progress has been noted and commended, not least by the jury of the FDIH E-commerce awards 2019, in which BabySam together with Hesehus won silver in the category ‘Best e-commerce case’.

In the design and development of BabySam’s new online shop, the focus has primarily been on creating the ultimate user experience, where mobile first is crucial, as 80% of the company’s traffic comes from mobile devices. BabySam has also worked strategically and systematically with a high quality of data and performance insights. The customers have rewarded this well-considered, ambitious approach to e-commerce with an average score of 8.7 on Trustpilot, which is due in no small part to the fact that BabySam can guarantee speedy delivery and the opportunity to collect products in the physical stores, which over half its customers currently make use of.   

Reasoning behind the jury’s decision to present 2019’s E-commerce award to BabySam

”Four months. That’s all it took for Hesehus and BabySam to develop a new e-commerce solution, which despite being still in its infancy is already showing impressive results. Online sales have increased by 113%, the conversion rate has risen by 44% and organic traffic has increased by 33%. The craftsmanship is solid, agile and worked into all areas of the business, which naturally also has a well-managed omnichannel strategy”

High data quality and performance insights

In the new total solution, Hesehus ensures – by using the frontend technology React – optimal performance on, which can, for example, be seen in the website’s rapid load time. Furthermore, BabySam uses the solution’s PIM to set up and place products at both product list level and on the individual product page, which makes it very easy for the customers to navigate around different variants and colours within the individual product. For example, at product list level customers can find out what sizes and colours an individual product is available in simply by hovering over the product image.

Internally, BabySam can now, via the integrated reporting tool Kibana – which, partially via live dashboards, shows sales broken down according to payment form, breakdown of orders in various warehouses and sales of brands and product categories – react in real time to the online shop’s most important KPIs as well as sales and delivery parameters. This gives the company the opportunity to look dynamically at areas such as a product group, warehouse or brand in order to achieve a more detailed snapshot and thus plan what efforts are needed to ensure optimal sales. Furthermore, BabySam can also, via the different dashboards, follow along with current campaigns, see where there is most activity, what discounts the campaigns have triggered and what in general has proven most popular with customers.  

High data quality and performance insights
Personalised content provides the best customer experience

Personalised content provides the best customer experience

In order to give their customers the ultimate customer journey, BabySam has collaborated with one of Hesehus’ regular partners, recommendation experts Raptor, which has led to the integration of personalisation tool Bizzkit Raptor into the solution. This generic module, which can be adapted to the individual customer’s solution, is based on data mining, advanced algorithms and machine learning and is thus able to produce 1:1 personalisation for BabySam’s customers based on their online behaviour. This means, among other benefits, that BabySam’s customers are presented with personalised product lists based on an individual customer’s history, preferences and behaviour, just as the functions ’Similar products’ and ’Other customers also bought’ are based on data from the module.

Furthermore, the busy family with young children, who have perhaps viewed BabySam’s online shop on several occasions in their search for the perfect car seat, do not need to scroll through the entire selection of car seats once more, as they can use the function ’Last viewed’, which with a single click presents the customers with the products they have previously looked at.    

Case details

Launch in December 2017


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and design

Functions & features

The Kibana reporting tool enables real-time responses to the most important KPIs such as sales and delivery parameters


Silver at the E-commerce Award 2019 in the category ’Best e-commerce case’

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