The Hesehus vibe

Innovation, teamwork and social unity

“Professional, but pleasant”. This is how we have often been described by employees, customers and business partners over the years. The reason must be found in the unique Hesehus culture that we have continuously worked for on our growth journey from 7 to +140 employees. A culture which among other things has teamwork, community and a positive mindset as keywords.

Together we are better

Our culture is imbued with a social and professional unity. We are committed to pulling together as a team and know that the best results are achieved through teamwork. We take pride in being ambitious, even when it comes to learning new things and keeping up to date on the latest technologies and trends. In other words, as part of the team, you become part of the unique Hesehus atmosphere, which is always open to innovative initiatives and good ideas from the entire office.

The right balance

We have a great focus on creating the best environment for our employees, so they can thrive and have energy in their everyday lives. That is why we give high priority to the right balance between work and leisure. We offer flexible working hours so that family life and leisure activities can form a synthesis – and we mean it when we say that a workweek must be 37 hours and that you take time off when you are off.​​​​​​​

Healthy – the fun way

We believe that exercise and good health provide more energy, happier employees and fewer sick days. Therefore, as a Hesehusian you can enjoy a varied breakfast, lunch and snacks, and we will make sure you can satisfy your cravings with nuts and fruit throughout the day. ​​​​​​​

Although we enjoy the healthy initiatives, we are by no means fanatical about our diet, and we have a an established tradition of celebrating new customers and launching new solutions with ‘order candy’ and ‘go-live-sweets’.

During the year we participate in various races, sports days and count-your-steps-campaigns, and we also have our own running club, which faithfully gets together a couple times a week after work. The running club is just one of many activities that the employees have organised on their own over time and which is still alive and kicking today. We can also mention the golf club, the football club and the board games club – in short, with us you will find a healthy workplace in the fun way.

We have fun together – also after work

Our culture is characterised by a strong unity where there are many celebrations and social events. The event committee takes the lead and ensures that the framework is in place when we invite to the summer party, tour de chambre or a friendly competition during the Hesehus Cup, where go-cart races, football duels and paint ball battles are just some of the activities.

There is a great desire to be together, and we always make sure there is something for everyone and that you can participate to the extent you have time and desire.

Hesehusians having fun at the Hesehus summer party

One of Denmark's best workplaces

We are constantly working to optimise our corporate culture and social environment. Over time, this has resulted in several distinctions in various external measurements, which we are very proud of and cherish.

Most recently, we have achieved a position as number 1 in “Management and Working Culture” among 60 selected IT companies in the large IT Company Rank analysis 2019, which is carried out by the Danish weekly newspaper specialising in engineering topics Ingeniøren. We have also been named one of Danmarks Bedste Arbejdspladser® (Denmark's best workplaces) by the consulting and consulting company Great Place to Work®. Some of the things we are measured and analysed on are the employees' trust in management, the pride in their jobs and not least the spirit of community and the atmosphere in the workplace. These are parameters that are absolutely essential for us and the unique Hesehus culture, and which therefore also make the nominations even more significant.

Culture & atmosphere

Hesehus is imbued with innovation, teamwork and social unity. Discover the unique Hesehus vibe

Mette Skovvang Luno, Senior Project Manager at Hesehus

"I genuinely look forward to seeing my colleagues every day! The team spirit at Hesehus is something very special. In my own team I KNOW that everyone would step in if things came to a head. The fact that people thrive and are motivated is a big deal to us. I love the positive problem solver attitude that everyone puts on each day. What also characterises Hesehus is the big difference in personalities and respect for being who you are. It makes me proud to be a Hesehusian.

Time and time again, I am impressed by how quickly my new colleagues catch our “vibe” and feel at home. It must be the ultimate thing, to be a new employee and quickly feel the energy and want to be part of it."

Mette Skovvang Luno
Senior Project Manager

Anders Fjeldsø Lindebjerg, Senior Frontend Developer at Hesehus

"At Hesehus, I have been given the opportunity to cut back on my time so that I can have more time for my family, which is especially nice with young children. Management at Hesehus has a great understanding of the fact that you have a life alongside your work and is concerned about creating a good work-life balance. In addition, we have a fantastic party planning committee which organises some very good events, where we can have a nice time with our colleagues in a more informal setting. There are in-house Friday afternoon get-togethers and bingo evenings, participation in the ‘Eventyrløbet’ race and the DHL relay race and of course the annual summer party and Christmas party that should not be missed."

Anders Fjeldsø Lindebjerg
Senior Frontend Developer

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