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At first glance it might appear simple. A webshop that is easy to navigate and where performance is top notch. Behind the scenes, it is impossible to miss the technological choices and the complexity of the e-commerce solutions that our talented employees develop every day. At Hesehus, we are passionate about putting our skills and creativity into play and creating the ultimate customer journey.

Challenge your professional competence at Hesehus

Become part of one of the largest developer environments on the island of Funen

With us you become part of Denmark's leading e-commerce solution provider, which currently has more than 140 digital talents. We have on of the largest development environments on Funen, consisting of more than 70 dedicated and professionally highly qualified front-end and back-end developers, designers and architects. In other words, with us you will be part of an environment with deep professional insight into all e-commerce disciplines – everything from digital strategy, business understanding and customer insight to concept development, software development and conversion optimisation.

Next level complexity and unique software solutions

Our employees are specialists in developing innovative e-commerce solutions for some of Denmark's largest and most ambitious customers. We create unique solutions that require deep technological know-how, count thousands of hours and involve everything from managing multi-site solutions with more than 400 different webshops on one platform, available in 11 languages and distributed across 20 countries to advanced integrations with many different ERP and procurement systems. We are ready for even the most complex challenge and continuously work to stay ahead when it comes to ground-breaking e-commerce solutions.

Cutting edge tech

The e-commerce industry is dynamic and requires us to be up to date with the latest trends and the most advanced technologies. Therefore, with us you will be able to work with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and voice commerce, just as we are currently working with React, JavaScript, Redux, Node.js, Webpack, C#, ASP.NET Core, Elasticsearch 7, Redis, SQL Server. We love to get nerdy with data, search, performance, integrations and much more, and we are motivated by being on the forefront of innovation.

We pull together as team

One of the cornerstones of our culture is that we are always working on helping each other to be better. Therefore, as a Hesehusian you will receive exciting and challenging tasks that put your skills into action, but you will never be alone in executing them. We value the professional feedback and knowledge sharing which characterise Hesehus as a workplace and we are convinced that we achieve the highest quality in our solutions by listening to one another and allowing room for innovative ideas to grow.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan quote, ”Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

Up to date with workshops and training

We have great focus on creating room for professional development, and we work strategically with training. Therefore, as a Hesehusian you will regularly have time for immersion, play and additional learning during the workday. Internal and external workshops, the opportunity to try out new technologies as well as discussions and constructive dialogues with colleagues are just some of the things you will be able to take on.

We also offer the opportunity to participate in relevant courses, certifications and conferences such as GOTO Copenhagen, Design Matters or NRF Retail's Big Show, and we also offer courses within management and competence development to everyone with personnel responsibilities. Whatever your role in the company, we are confident that we can contribute to your professional development.

Hesehusians at Microsoft Ignite The Tour

Mette Reinholt Mortensen, COO at Hesehus

"We focus on a talented organisation. We create the best results when we work together and put the full potential of all employees into action. With us, it is not enough to have one employee who is talented – success with us requires that everyone develops and contributes with what they are best at."

Thomas Sejr Jensen, Software Architect at Hesehus

"With a background as a computer scientist, it is the complex and sometimes brain-teasing work which I am passionate about - and that is what I can do here. Hesehus has many customers with high demands for performance and scaling, and that – combined with the customers' advanced and complex business logic – keeps me challenged all the time. It is also appealing that there is great focus on keeping a structured architecture in the projects, so that greater re-usability and comprehensible code are achieved. The large number of developers with a high professional level also means that there is always someone who can give advice and guidance when I encounter unforeseen problems."

Thomas Sejr Jensen
Software Architect

Frederik Ploug-Johansen, Developer at Hesehus

"One of the things that I really appreciate is the opportunity to work with what I find interesting, and that my proposals and ideas are listened to and acted upon. At Hesehus we work with brand new technologies and explore new areas which we do not necessarily have previous experience with, and we are constantly working to be up to date with the latest trends in the industry. I am challenged with exciting problems where one needs to think outside the box, and I am surrounded by professional colleagues who help me grow as a developer every day. And then there is just a thoroughly refreshing and relaxed atmosphere in the office, which really makes me enjoy coming to work.

Frederik Ploug-Johansen

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