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Diversity, professional development and ‘hygge’

We are a Danish company with all the benefits this brings, but we are also very much a company with a focus on the innovation and valuable new knowledge that is gained when global and local know-how meet. That is why we now have employees who come from Spain, Bosnia, Indonesia, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, England and the Netherlands.

Meet the international Hesehusians

Meet the internationals

Some of our international employees have chosen to move to Denmark for a calmer life. Others were drawn from the story that Danes are among the happiest people in the world. But what is common to all of them is that they wanted to find an IT company with great job satisfaction and a Scandinavian management style that can embrace international employees and that offers an environment where language is not a challenge, and diversity is not an obstacle but a force.

Let’s meet up and ’hygge’

We are a very social workplace with countless social events, and this gives us the opportunity to welcome our new employees in a slightly more informal setting. In addition, twice a year we host an event especially for our international employees, where they meet for a pleasant afternoon in one another’s company. Over time, the international events have offered everything from board game tournaments to guided tours in the city of Odense, but what is always certain is that we put the Danish culture under a microscope with various humorous activities and fun stories.

Hesehus from an international point of view

If we ask our new international employees what they particularly notice about Hesehus, they often highlight the informal style of management and the close cooperation with one’s manager. They also very much point to the team-oriented culture where we solve the tasks together and that there is room for professional development and dialogue.

What the international Hesehusians also often mention and value when encountering Hesehus' work culture is the recognition of family and leisure time. They say that it is nice to be in a place where there is an insistence on a good balance between career and private life, and where one takes times off when one is off.

Gain new skills with our in-house Danish instructor

At Hesehus, we do not see the language as a barrier, and we naturally switch from Danish to English in both professional and social contexts. To ensure that our international employees also thrive outside of work, we offer Danish lessons with our skilled and creative language mentor, who is in the office every week teaching. The response is that it literally makes learning Danish a breeze.

International Hesehusians getting in-house Danish lessons

The big move

We do everything we can to make our new international employees feel comfortable in the decision of moving to Denmark and Odense. If you are our next Hesehusian-to-be, we will be happy to follow you closely in the recruitment and relocating process and we are ready with a helping hand if any questions about practical matters arise. We see it as one of our most important tasks to pave the way so that our new employees become well-integrated and quickly settle in both as Hesehusians and Odensians.

Next step: On adventure in Odense

We cooperate with several different networks, each of which helps us integrate our international employees and their families in Denmark and Odense. For example, we work closely with International Community (Odense Municipality), which offers step-by-step guidance regarding the relocation process and organises many international meet ups and cultural events.

Check out our various partners here and gain an insight into the different offers available in our area.





Ulisses Bini de Paiva Alves, Senior Lead Developer at Hesehus

"When my wife and I chose Denmark, we wanted to write ourselves a new story together in a calm and safe place. Odense offers everything we searched for and I love the fact that the whole city is easily reached on a bike. And Hesehus offers everything I was looking for in a workplace. There is a great informal atmosphere, my managers and colleagues are always available and are open to new ideas. I have a great balance between my career and my personal life, and I also really enjoy all the social gatherings with my colleagues. Hesehus also made my recruitment and relocation process run as smoothly as possible and I felt that I was in safe hands all the way. The commitment and honesty I experienced was amazing, and it was reassuring to have someone local guiding me in my settling in on another continent."

Ulisses Bini de Paiva Alves
Senior Lead Developer

Carina Vigsø Nielsen, Project Manager at Hesehus

"Although we are a Danish company, we use the English language a lot in our everyday lives. We have colleagues from many different countries, and this helps to increase diversity, which is already a large part of the Hesehus culture. In my team, this gives cause for reflection on the language, the cultural differences and, to a large extent, the way we go about things. Our international colleagues come with a different knowledge and see different opportunities than we do, and this makes us even stronger professionally and as a team. I am pleased that my foreign colleagues have chosen Denmark and Hesehus as a career destination."

Carina Vigsø Nielsen
Project Manager

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