22 March 2018

25% revenue growth and more than doubled profit

One of Denmark’s leading e-commerce houses, Hesehus A/S, is ready with the accounts for 2017. The turnover increases by 25% and the pre-tax profit increases heavily from 3.2 million in 2016 to 8.6 million in 2017. Furthermore Hesehus has close to 100 employees.

Press release

Hesehus, which designs, develops and implements ambitious B2B and B2C webshops, was founded in 2002 with seven employees and has since grown into being one of Denmark's largest development houses within e-commerce solutions having 85 employees today and more recruitments to come.

According to the annual accounts, the result is very satisfactory and Managing Director in Hesehus, Lars Hedal, expresses his satisfaction:

This is the result of a fantastic teamwork where we have successfully sophisticated our existing customers’ solutions and at the same time have obtained new interesting customers. There is no doubt that e-commerce today has become a quite central element in the strategy of most companies and is now a crucial part of their businesses, and we clearly recognise this in the size and type of projects”, says Lars Hedal.

Expects continued growth – employs in Sweden

Lars Hedal continues:

That 2017 will be our second best year ever is also a combination of long-term organisational changes, continuous optimisation of our processes and focus on controlled growth. And nothing of it would be possible without our very unique team of employees who come to work every day and do their best for our customers, and they are always updated and on the forefront of digital business know-how, the latest technology choices and web design".

Hesehus follows an ambitious strategy up until 2020. The e-commerce platform Hesehus 6 has obtained a leading position in the Danish market both within B2C and B2B with customers such as Matas, Wupti, BabySam and Micro Matic and in 2018, a partner channel will be launched which will expand the standard software further internationally. In the spring of 2018, the first employee in the Swedish market will be appointed.

For comments, please contact Lars Hedal, CEO in Hesehus at +45 40255083 or hedal@hesehus.dk

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