7 February 2018

New ambitious e-commerce solution makes it easy and secure to order prescription medication online

84 Danish pharmacies throughout the country have jointed forces to set a completely new standard for e-commerce with prescription medical products and non-prescription medicine which has resulted in the ambitious e-commerce solution dinApoteker.dk.

The vision for dinApoteker.dk has been to create a high-end webshop which provides the customers with the same experience of strong professional competence and qualified medical guidance as in the local pharmacy. Another important aspect has been to fuse the webshop and the individual pharmacy giving the users an experience of having the pharmacy close by – locally and on the Internet – 24 hours a day.

Hesehus står bag ny ambitiøs webshop med salg af receptpligtig medicin

No queue – same professional guidance

To ensure professionally strong guidance and provide the customers with the necessary sense of security, the e-commerce house behind the solution, Hesehus A/S, has integrated several online functions and features to substitute the physical shop assistant. Among other things, the customers can have their questions answered 24 hours a day via the chat function ‘Ask your pharmacist' which is manned by pharmaconomists from the different pharmacies.

Another important and very central feature in the new webshop is the user-friendly prescription overview which guides the customer when buying prescription medication. The customer’s prescriptions are divided into different categories with related tips and good advice just like getting advice from the sales assistant. The prescription overview is also satisfactory in relation to information about everything from dosage and date of issue to product description, number of remaining dispensing and various subsidy schemes which the customer is entitled to.

Last, but not least, it contains product pictures of the individual product as well as product variants issued by different manufacturers allowing the customer to always recognise his or her favourite product or giving the customer the opportunity to choose the cheapest product in the market.

Delivery adjusted to the individual customer

At dinApoteker.dk the customer is king also when it comes to delivery. In addition to the standard distribution via post or click and collect either from the local pharmacy or from a nearby parcel shop, the customers can also have medication delivered by the pharmacy’s delivery service on the same day and at a suitable time. And if you need delivery here and now, most pharmacies can also deliver immediately by taxi if the need arises.

Mikkel Aastrup Nørreslet, owner of the pharmacy Marselisborg Apotek in Aarhus which is one of the 84 pharmacies in the consolidation

“With the new webshop we wanted to offer our customers the best possible guidance and service all the way offline as well as online. The new webshop satisfies an increasing need from our customers to be able to buy prescription medication from their living room with their personal data protected and with the freedom to have it delivered to the door or pick it up at the local pharmacy”

Overall solution on Bizzkit e-commerce platform

Bizzkit commerce platform

The webshop is exclusively based on the e-commerce platform Bizzkit which like other standard e-commerce platforms is geared precisely for e-commerce but having the advantage that the platform also contains DAM, PIM and CMS. Another advantage gained from Hesehus 6 is that the standard foundation is not locked or restricted and as a result can be adjusted to the individual customer allowing the customer to have precisely the functions and features which are fundamental for the customer's business.

At dinApoteker.dk this has resulted in integration to NemID, integration to several pharmacy systems and in the comprehensive prescription overview.

DinApoteker.dk is off to a very good start and the ambition to create a webshop where the customers feel safe when ordering prescription medical products has succeeded since prescription medication already now represents the majority of the orders in the webshop.

Visit dinApoteker.dk

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