25 September 2019

Hesehus appointed as Gazelle Company 2019 by Børsen

One of Denmark’s leading e-commerce houses, Hesehus A/S, has just received the prestigious Gazelle 2019 award and can now be proud of receiving the appointment for the fourth time in the history of the company.

Press release

Since 1995, the Danish newspaper Børsen has identified Denmark’s growth elite – the gazelles. The selection of the individual gazelle companies is based on data from the Danish Business Authority and is provided by the world’s leading provider of credit and business information, Experian. The much-coveted gazelle awards are presented to the companies which continuously create growth and not least are able to double their turnover over the past four financial years, and the growth has certainly been visible for the e-commerce specialists from Odense.

Growth on several parameters

By the end of 2018, Hesehus was able to present its annual accounts with the third highest profit in the 17 years the company has existed as well as a doubling of the turnover since 2015. And this even in a year when the company has made significant investments in the development of the international partner channel which is responsible for the sale of Hesehus’s e-commerce platform, Bizzkit. The growth in Hesehus is also reflected in the company’s increased number of employees which is now a team of more than 120 employees who develop e-commerce solutions for large Danish brands such as Matas, Zizzi, BabySam and Wupti. With the appointment as Gazelle Company 2019, Hesehus can now add yet another statuette to the three from 2007, 2008 and 2012.

Hesehus employees form the number 100, 100 employees
Børsen Gazelle 2019, Hesehus' fourth gazelle-award

The Danish gazelle criteria are:

  • A/S, ApS or financial institution with a minimum turnover of DKK 1 million or a gross profit of DKK 0.5 million in the start year (the first year that is measured).

  • A minimum of four accounts have to be published. Accounting periods of less than 12 months in the start year and of more than 12 months in the end year are discarded.

  • In each of the financial years, the turnover/gross profit has to show growth.

  • The total of the operating profit has to be positive. The turnover/gross profit has to be at least double during the four most recent years.

In Hesehus, we are proud of the appointment as Gazelle Company 2019 which is a pat on the shoulder and not least a confirmation of the fact that the company’s long-term strategy plan is working.

Lars Hedal, CEO of Hesehus

To us being appointed as Gazelle Company 2019 proves that we have the right strategy but certainly also in relation to our customers. The consumers and thus our customers’ requirements for the ultimate e-commerce solution are constantly growing and we can now benefit from the investments we have made in recent years. Today, we have the perfect platform and in-house competences to stand the test of time and supply future-proof solutions for our customers. And without customers, no Hesehus, so we will of course also like to give thanks to our customers who daily challenge us with new innovative initiatives and we would also like to thank all of our employees who do their best and make a difference every day. Without them we could not proudly call ourselves a Gazelle Company 2019"   

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