20 September 2019

Anniversary: 10 years of cooperation with El-Salg  

Hesehus and one of Denmark’s largest voluntary chains within domestic appliances and consumer electronics, El-Salg, have through a unique cooperation created several digital solutions together for the past 10 years and are now celebrating their tenth anniversary.

Unique cooperation the past 10 years

In September 2009, El-Salg, which was founded in 1968, has more than 160 shops throughout the country and is part of the international group Euronics Group, came to Hesehus requesting to have a new, innovative e-commerce solution developed. Already the year after the launch of the new e-commerce solution, El-Salg extended the cooperation with Hesehus which also became the supplier of the chain’s completely new partner portal, including an Intranet, B2B webshop as well as a signboard system for automatic production of signboards for El-Salg’s shops.

Kitchen, domestic appliances

Since the launch, El-Salg’s partner portal has been continuously expanded and it is today an essential part of the chain cooperation. Because El-Salg is not charging a membership fee from its members and since the head office is generally managed at a low level of expenses, the partner portal is consequently quite essential in securing that the shops (the partners) as well as the head office have an efficient workday. Today, El-Salg’s partner portal also comprises ordering of products, news, statistics, picture database, advertisement templates, POS material, templates for posts on the social media, etc. for the benefit of both shops and the head office.


In addition to the working relationships regarding the partner portal, El-Salg and Hesehus have also concept developed the online shop De3Bedste.dk which was launched in 2010. De3Bedste.dk was El-Salg’s strong bet for a pure player and the solution took specific questions from the customers about each product category as its starting point allowing the customers in the webshop to be guided to the three best offers for a product which they requested. In addition, the webshop also referred to local electricians making it possible to order the installation etc. at the same time as the product – for the benefit of customers as well as electricians. In 2015, El-Salg sold the webshop De3Bedste.dk and the webshop has continued to be successful ever since.

CEO in Hesehus, Lars Hedal

"As an e-commerce house, we have together with El-Salg had the opportunity to have several of our competences come into play for the past 10 years and it has been a pleasure to be part of El-Salg’s digital journey. The entire concept development of De3Bedste.dk where our UX Design department was responsible for the logo and the entire visual identity has been a fantastic challenge and it gave us a lot of insight and experience which we have later been able to gain from in the development of solutions for our other customers”

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