22 August 2019

Anniversary: 15 years with innovative online solutions for Fazer

The 15 years of close working relationship between one of Scandinavia's leading lunch providers Fazer Food Services and Hesehus has, among other things, resulted in the unique take-away solution 'Fazer Food & Co' and the good working relationship continues.

15 years  anniversary

15 years ago, the e-commerce specialists Hesehus from Odense had the pleasure of welcoming Fazer Food Services as its customer. Back then, Fazer Food Services in Denmark was mostly known under the Danish name Wip Personalerestauranter (Wip Staff Restaurants) – a concept which has since developed into now more than 1,000 employees and 160 customised staff canteens where the chefs serve lunch for more than 40,000 guests every day.

Fazer Food Services

When Fazer Food Services selected Hesehus as its e-commerce partner, Hesehus took over the further development of its internal e-commerce solution WipShop which, among other things, was used for the ordering of meeting catering from the canteens. Shortly after followed the new development of a complete restaurant system that was to cover all areas of Fazer Food Services’ restaurant services.

Fazer Food & Co

In 2006, Fazer Food Services went online with the webshop Fazer Food & Co which proved to be a very huge success not only in Denmark but also in the rest of Scandinavia. With this new webshop, the employees, who daily ate in Fazer’s canteens, had the opportunity to buy well-prepared and healthy dinners to bring home to the family prepared by Fazer’s chefs. The Danes immediately took the new take-away solution to heart and today the solution also includes delicacies, chocolates and other delicious food related offers and several canteens are continuously having marketplace days or offer grill and tapas packets for the weekend via the shop. The Fazer Food & Co success in Denmark was naturally followed with interest by Fazer’s group headquarters in Finland, and today the take-away solution has expanded to Sweden as well as to Norway and Finland.

Managing Director in Hesehus, Lars Hedal

“From the very beginning, Fazer has been an exciting and innovative customer for us to work with. Over the years, we have not only had a close cooperation concerning the development of its webshop but also – concurrently with the online customers’ increasing expectations and needs – about the further development of its solution that today also includes a mobile version of the shop. We look forward to continuing the cooperation and we also have the pleasure of being able to use the take-away options in Fazer Food & Co, which for many of our employees is a highly appreciated offer and added benefit for the employees”

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