24 May 2019

2 gold and 2 silver at this year's E-commerce Award 2019

Last night the prestigious e-commerce prizes were awarded, and Hesehus’ customers could proudly reveal two gold and two silver awards at the biggest prize fest of the year. 

The stage was set in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen when FDIH gathered 800 Danish e-sellers at the biggest industry party of the year ‘E-commerce Awards 2019’. Hesehus’ clients were strongly represented with six nominations, which resulted in two gold and two silver prizes.

Hesehus and BabySam won silver

In the category ‘Best e-commerce case’ gold, silver and bronze go to the e-commerce bureau or supplier, which has helped the e-seller to higher e-commerce levels with documented effect for example in the form of more sales, better service or increased efficiency, and here Hesehus won silver for their overall solution to BabySam.

The jury selected by FDIH gave the following reason for choosing Hesehus as the silver winner for their overall solution for BabySam:

“4 months. That’s all the time Hesehus and BabySam needed to develop a new e-commerce solution, which despite its young age already demonstrates impressive results. The online turnover has increased by 113%, the conversion rate has grown by 44% and the organic traffic has improved by 33%. The workmanship is solid, agile and incorporated in all parts of the business so of course, the omnichannel strategy is in place as well”.

Hesehus and BabySam wins silver at E-commerce Award 2019

At Hesehus, they are very proud of the award and especially the cooperation with BabySam, as BabySam came to Hesehus with an ambitious online strategy, which they have executed at a very high level.

“For us, the journey with BabySam has been and is still a true pleasure. To work with a company that sets the bar high and has sky-high ambitions is exactly that, which drives us. We have worked hard and ambitiously in close collaboration with BabySam, which in just four months has resulted in a completely new solution. To see the webshop generate such significant outcome that fast in a high competition market and to be holding the silver prize at the E-commerce Award today, that is amazing”

Lars Hedal, managing director at Hesehus

Gold to DLG for their digital transformation

In the category ‘Best B2B company” DLG, one of Europe’s largest farm supply companies, went all the way to the top with their digital transformation, which among other things includes DLG’s successful customer portal.

Behind the customer portal and the associated app is besides Hesehus the bureaus Alpha Solutions, Frontlab and Shape. Hesehus has taken part in DLG’s digital journey for the last two years and is a business partner on the development of the customer portal.

DLG wins gold at E-commerce Award 2019
A.O. Johansen with BilligVVS wins gold and silver at E-commerce Award 2019

Gold and silver to A.O. including BilligVVS

One of Denmark’s biggest building material wholesaler, A.O. Johansen including BilligVVS, which is a customer at Hesehus, followed right after DLG and grabbed silver in the category ‘Best B2B company’. When the award for ‘Best omnichannel company’ was announced A.O. Johansen impressed yet again and took the stage as gold winners.

The jury’s argument was: “Year after year, the omnichannel-pioneers from AO set the standards on how to use the webshop and the digital development to increase the turnover in stores and strengthen the relations to the customers. A good example is that customers on billigvvs.dk can order products and installation, which is carried out by handymen who have a profile at AO. They get high praise for their self-service robots in stores and for gathering and using data across all platforms. In short, AO is an omnichannel company of international format.”.

With these four new prizes Hesehus has now helped Danish e-sellers win 19 top positions at the E-commerce Award – of which six is of the most distinguished karat; Lemvigh-Müller in 2012, Matas in 2013, Inspiration in 2015 and 2017 and DLG and A.O. Johansen with BilligVVS in 2019.

E-commerce Award 2019

E-handelsprisen 2019, Øksnehallen, København

E-handelsprisen 2019, Øksnehallen, København

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