9 April 2019

The third highest profit in the company's history

Accounts for 2018: Aall-time high order book, doubled revenue since 2015 and healthy bottom line.

Press release

Hesehus’s turnover increased by 13% in 2018 and the profit reached DKK 6.1 million before tax. This is the third highest profit in the 17 years Hesehus has existed. The year even saw significant investments in the setup of an international partner channel responsible for the sale of Hesehus’s e-commerce platform Bizzkit.

The Bizzkit platform has obtained a market leading position among Denmark’s largest companies and has now been launched in Sweden with physical office in Gothenburg. Agreements with a number of selected business partners have been entered and the reception has surpassed expectations.

CEO Lars Hedal is pleased with the positive development

”We follow our long-term plans and add new building blocks to Hesehus every year. The launch of Bizzkit internationally is an important milestone in our strategy. We have also continued the very positive development with the influx of new customers and increased demand from existing customers”   

The workplace culture attracts tech talents

As we all know, the competition for qualified IT manpower is tough. Also in 2018, Hesehus has proven to have an attractive working environment. This was also demonstrated in an analysis conducted by the Danish newspaper “Ingeniøren" (The Engineer) called “IT Company Rank 2018” in which Hesehus received a top position for its workplace culture. The result is that also in 2018, Hesehus has been able to attract even more talented employees.

Hesehus’s position on the Danish market has most recently been cemented when the finalists in the competition for the E-Commerce Prize 2019 were announced. This year, Hesehus sets a record with as much as five positions in the finals – among other things for the cooperation with BabySam and the achieved results in the category 'Best e-commerce case'.

Facts about Hesehus

  • 116 employees as from 1 April 2019

  • Head office in Odense and country office in Gothenburg

  • The customers include Matas, Wupti, BabySam, Zizzi, Micro Matic, Nissens, Kansas and DLG

  • Owned 83% by 3C Groups and 17% by Lars Hedal

  • Board of Directors: Erik Laumand (chairman), Niels Thorborg, Mikael Lyngsø and Lars Hedal as well as Anja Saabye and Allan Syndergaard (both staff-elected)

Lars Hedal, adm. direktør hos Hesehus


For more information

Lars Hedal

hedal@hesehus.dk    +45 40 25 50 83

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