25 June 2020

DI’s Apprenticeship Award 2020 goes to Hesehus talent 

Every year, The Confederation of Danish Industry’s regional associations honour an apprentice or trainee from their area who has performed exceptionally well professionally and collegially. This year, Hesehus’s talented media graphic designer trainee, Frederik Tubæk Rasmussen, won the prize and he was surprised and presented with the prize today.

Press release

With this Apprenticeship Award, The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) wants to honour the apprentices and trainees who perform well professionally and socially and thus act as role models all over the country for other young people in Danish business enterprises. In Funen, this year's winner of DI's Funen Apprenticeship Award 2020, Frederik Tubæk Rasmussen, was found among apprentices from DI's more than 800 member companies from Funen.

Frederik has lived his everyday life as a media graphic designer trainee in the e-commerce house from Odense, Hesehus, which designs and develops e-commerce solutions for large Danish brands such as Matas, BabySam, Kansas and Davidsen. And it was precisely Frederik’s professional as well as social competences which the board of DI Funen attached much importance to when selecting this year’s winner.

Poul Strandmark, Chairman of DI Funen

"Frederik wins the prize as this year’s apprentice because he has made it to the top with his professional and social competences. He is creative, customer-oriented and a good colleague and this is very good skills to have as an apprentice as well as an employee. Frederik is a good example for many other young people and we hope that he can inspire others to choose the vocational direction because he has certainly shown that this is a branch of study with a huge potential”

The job has been acquired

In Hesehus, we have no doubt that Frederik with his digital talent, his straightforward and responsible approach to the projects which he is involved in and not least his catching enthusiasm has fully earned the prize. And it was therefore very natural for the e-commerce specialists from Odense to permanently employ Frederik when he completed his apprenticeship in December 2019.

Anja Saabye, former team leader for UX Design in Hesehus

"As Frederik’s day-to-day manager, it became evident very quickly that we had a digital natural talent. This combined with Frederik’s ability to decode and find the essence of the individual task and always solve it with the customer’s tone and style in mind made it possible for us to bring him 100% into play from day 1. In addition to his digital special skills and creative mindset, Frederik is a fantastic ray of sunshine and a very good and considerate colleague. Frederik is everything that characterises a genuine hesehusian so we had no doubts when it came to making Frederik a permanent part of the team when he completed his apprenticeship"

DI’s Apprenticeship Award 2020 goes to Hesehus talent
DI’s Apprenticeship Award 2020 goes to Hesehus talent

Always looking for new talents

For the Funen growth company, Hesehus, it is a natural part of the company’s development to take on not only apprentices but also trainees and project students from the educational institutions and study environments in Funen for a shorter or longer working relationships.

Anne Røssel Læsø, HR manager in Hesehus

We are very aware of the knowledge and the potential available from apprentices or the students whom we offer work experience. As a growth company, we are constantly looking for new tech talents who can help us set the bar higher and here our apprentices and trainees are providing positive feedback – either in the form of new knowledge or because they dare challenge us on our processes or work procedures. To us the investment makes everything worthwhile and today we have engaged eight employees who started as apprentices or in a traineeship"

Hesehus is also part of the Technology Denmark’s company pact where Hesehus and 29 other IT companies from Funen commit themselves to create 25% more internships, student jobs and similar in 2019 in order to ensure the development and retention of tech talents in Funen. After the first year, Hesehus was among the three companies that contributed the most to the pact which is now rolled out all over the country.

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