27 April 2020

Hesehus customers activate shop staff and strengthen customer experience with new and personal online chat

Offensive approach to corona: In cooperation with the e-commerce house, Hesehus, and the international award winner, HERO®, Matas and Zizzi are now turning the shop assistants into online beauty and fashion experts with a new online chat application which not only helps strengthen the sales during the corona crisis but which will also, in future, improve the shopping experience for their customers in-store as well as online.

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With HERO® chat, Matas and Zizzi can activate the shop staff as experts who via chat, live and video functions can advise and guide the customers while they shop online from home. An initiative which can definitely help Matas and Zizzi during the crisis, since they can deploy the shop staff in a new way and with it they can contribute positively to the turnover, but which also helps to continue strengthening the omnichannel journey for both Matas and Zizzi. The international customer client supplier, HERO®, with headquarters in New York and London has already transformed the shopping experience with their online chat application for international players such as Nike, Adidas and Levi’s. And to such an extent that the National Retail Federation in 2018 announced HERO® to be the most innovative and committed technology within today’s retail.

Mette Reinholt Mortensen, COO at Hesehus

”The entire personalisation part of the omnichannel journey was already in the roadmap for several of our customers and the crisis has now speeded up the development since there is a huge potential – not just during the crisis but also in future – to activate the many well-educated sales assistants in the shops. To turn the shop staff into experts and through that provide the customers with a very personal service will not only result in increased customer loyalty but also in higher conversion rates and not least additional sales. In HERO®, many of the customers have experienced increased sales in the shop since 25% of the active chat users end in the physical shop only one or two days later”   

Matas activates beauty consultants to give advice on matas.dk

In Matas, which operates the fifth most visited webshop in Denmark and is one of the front-runners within e-commerce in Denmark, they have moved fast since the beginning of the crisis and have already implemented several new initiatives to advise and inspire the customers across channels including Matas live shopping Matas liveshopping, which went live for the first time on 27 March.

The national pharmacy chain is now ready with HERO® chat in the webshop where a number of beauty consultants are ready to advise and guide the customers one to one either via normal chat, voice or video according to what the customer prefers.

Chat with beauty consultants from Matas
Matas lanches HERO chat

During the chat, the beauty consultants can display products via video and link to the products which the conversation concerns and in that way act as the customer’s personal shopping assistant. The new chat function also makes it possible for the beauty consultants to follow the customer’s history in the webshop allowing them to guide the customers based on previous purchases and favourite brands and thereby ensure the customers a unique and very personal shopping experience.

Subsequently, Matas can – of course with the customers’ consent – continuously reach out to the customers via the chat with very specific offers and suggestions if, for example, their favourite product is on sale or if their favourite brand has launched new products.

In addition to the beauty consultants’ opportunity to follow the customers’ history in the webshop, the dashboards in the chat application also make it possible for the beauty consultants to follow how many customers they have spoken to, how many orders have been placed and what turnover it has generated.

Brian Andersen, e-commerce director at Matas

”We have many customers who choose to visit our shops to have the guidance and expert knowledge which our beauty consultants possess and we wanted to offer the same to our online customers. With the new online chat, we strengthen the customer experience further across our digital and physical channels and give the customers a very unique shopping experience. The application from HERO® makes it possible for our beauty consultants in the large shops to take turns to advise a customer who visits the shop and customers who require help in the webshop. In future, HERO® will also allow customers to have a digital relation and ongoing communication with ones favourite beauty consultant and to book appointments for help or inspiration via the new digital tool”   

Chat yourself to the perfect outfit with Zizzi

The Nordic countries’ largest chain within curvy fashion, Zizzi, with more than 120 shops in Denmark, Sweden and Norway and webshops in 10 European countries, has also chosen to activate the shop staff and improve the shopping experience with HERO® chat. The chat function was initially rolled out in Denmark and Norway from Thursday, 30 April where the customers can also look forward to chat themselves to the perfect outfit with their own personal styling assistant.

HERO’s chat application is widespread among leading retailers worldwide and if you ask the e-commerce specialists from Odense, Hesehus, they have no doubt that also in Denmark we will see more and more retailers adopting the chat application. In the Funen e-commerce house, several of the customers have already started in order to satisfy and continue strengthening their omnichannel journey.

Zizzi lanches new, personal online chat

For comments, please contact Lars Hedal, CEO at Hesehus at +45 40 25 50 83 or hedal@hesehus.dk

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