Case: VIKING Life-Saving Equipment

Complete online platform

VIKING supplies safety and rescue equipment to the marine, fire and offshore industries

Since 1960, the global market leader VIKING Life-Saving Equipment (VIKING) has provided safety and rescue equipment for the marine, fire and offshore industry, including for large Danish brands such as Maersk Group and Falck.

Today, the global company employs more than 2000 employees in more than 30 countries and, in cooperation with a network of local experts and 260 certified service stations, offers no-compromise service worldwide.

To be able to continue providing the best possible service to its customers and live up to the vision ‘we protect and save human lives all over the world’, VIKING contacted its regular business partner of 11 years, Hesehus, requesting to have a new total solution developed.  

Four sites managed in one CMS

VIKING’s product range is targeted various target groups and to satisfy the individual target group optimally, its new total solution is centred around four separate sites.

  • VIKING Life, which is VIKING’s corporate site and includes the total product range and onboard training via VIKING Saatsea.
  • VIKING Fire, which services firefighters and offers high quality firefighting equipment clothing.
  • VIKING Fire USA, which services firefighters and offers high quality firefighting equipment clothing in the USA.
  • VIKING Yachting, which provides liferafts and other rescue equipment for leisure sailing.

Unique design and content

The four sites are based on the Bizzkit e-commerce platform which like other standard e-commerce platforms is geared precisely for e-commerce but having the advantage that the platform also contains DAM, PIM and CMS. With the new online platform, VIKING has obtained a complete solution for the handling of complex product data as well as rich digital asset management, content management and classical e-commerce functions.

Another benefit gained from Bizzkit is that the standard foundation is not locked or restricted and as a result can be adjusted to the individual customer – in this case VIKING which has created four unique sites via the use of segments in the CMS each with its own design and specific content administered in one place.

This has very much eased the work procedure for VIKING’s employees who no longer have to learn how to use different systems and furthermore can use the same product descriptions for the various sites which in particular is an advantage in VIKING Life that unites product groups from the three other sites.

 VIKING's e-commerce solution developed by Hesehus

Assortment management across markets

Through assortment management in the CMS, VIKING can make sure that the different players are presented with the right information and products on the four sites. The assortment management is performed at site level, at dealer level (allowing each dealer in the login based webshop to see the products which are relevant to them) as well as at a geographic level, comprising only products which are available on the market in question.

In addition, VIKING’s new solution contains a detailed pricing system to satisfy VIKING’s need to adjust the prices all the way down to dealer and variant level.

Since some of VIKING’s products require a specific adjustment which is significant to the specific price, regular customers and VIKING’s dealers cannot shop for all products directly in the webshop. In the login based dealer webshop, the dealers therefore have a product range with individual prices and can, of course, send an enquiry for the remaining product range which VIKING will subsequently process and respond to.

  VIKING's total solution has a measurement site suit configurator

Measurement site suit configurator

VIKING’s custom-made suits are expensive to manufacture and for safely reasons they have to fit the persons carrying them perfectly. As a result, the new total solution comes with a measurement site suit configurator which is used internally by VIKING’s employees. VIKING’s new suit configurator, which is developed by Hesehus, helps VIKING's employees to calculate the precise size of the suit to be ordered and custom-made for the customer. VIKING's employees only have to enter the various measurements and the engine behind the configurator will calculate the exact proportions of the suit.

Case details

Launch of VIKING Fire and VIKING Fire USA in December 2015, VIKING Life in September 2016 and VIKING Yachting in January 2017


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Assortment management, advanced pricing and measurement site suit configurator

Multisite management

Four separate sites administered in the same CMS

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