Case: BG Flux

One webshop for five brands

 BG Group brings together brands with a webshop from Hesehus

In cooperation with Hesehus A/S, BG Group has implemented an ambitious web portal called BG Flux with focus on e-commerce across the group’s five brands: BG Byggros, BG Burcharth, BG Biovarme, BG Millag and Inja Miljøteknik. Until now, each brand has presented the respective product ranges on separate sites but now the customers are able to buy products from the various brands via the same online basket. The five brands still have brand specific pages in which the customers can find information that only relates to the individual brand.

Total webshop with focus on user-friendliness

Furthermore, the customers can compare up to three products in case of doubt about which one is best suited for the specific need. It is also possible for the customers only to be presented with deviations via the feature “only show differences”. This comparison feature is very beneficial in relation to improved user-friendliness and thereby heightening of the conversion rate and online sales.

Flexible CMS – customised content editing

The content that does not come from the PIM solution is managed by the software product Bizzkit CMS a content editor developed by Hesehus. The editor contains many interesting features which make it easy to build the content exactly as requested by BG Group. It is, i.a., possible for the user to create all the rows and columns he or she wants and also to move content using "drag and drop".

A new common PIM has been established for BG Group's new webshop, resulting in optimised business processes for BG Group by pooling all product enrichment, i.e. combined access to manage all product information. In this way Hesehus accommodates BG Group's wish to both preserve the strength of existing brands, while enhancing the visibility of the overall product range.

Strong position in search engines

In the new set-up, BG Group generally obtains considerable benefits in relation to search engine optimisation both in terms of strong link network, site structure and elimination of duplicate content which is one of the pitfalls when it comes to SEO; particularly in BG Group’s case where the products are available in the total webshop as well as in the various brand webshops.

Today, almost all users are searching for information on the Internet before making a purchase and this definitely also applies to B2B customers. In this process, Google is the preferred search engine and as a result, one of BG Group’s objective with the new webportal is visibility in this exact search engine and as a result hereof also an increased turnover after implementation.

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Case details

Launched in September 2015


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Responsive webshop, separate subsites for the individual brand, sophisticated filtering, customised content editing

Multisite Management

One entrance - five brands

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