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B2B webshop increases sales by 421%

Verifone Denmark

Verifone is Europe’s leading provider of electronic payment solutions with customers in over 150 countries and more than 29m installed units. The various payment solutions include, i.a., free-standing payment terminals and integrated payment terminals. In Denmark, companies such as Tivoli, Nordisk Film Biografer, OK Plus, and Joe & the Juice have chosen Verifone’s payment solutions. Verifone contacted Hesehus with a wish to update the design of the webshop to make it even easier for the customers to use the webshop and to ensure an increase in the online sales.

New consumption habits make new demands

In recent years, the development within e-commerce has changed significantly and for a company it is important to follow the increasing demands made by Danish customers – even if the company, such as Verifone, is a provider for the B2B market. For example, the number of customers who use a mobile platform when shopping on the Internet has increased significantly – also in professional matters. Therefore, Verifone’s new webshop is developed in a responsive design so that the customers are met as professionally as possible regardless of the type of screen from which they visit the webshop.

Webshop adapted to customers' demands

Nicki Bjerrum, Marketing Manager at Verifone

”“Our new responsive webshop performs really well. It is fantastic to see how we increase our sales through a great synergy between our webshop and other marketing activities such as direct marketing and radio”

Webshop increases Verifone's sales

Simple design with focus on sales

Verifone’s main objective withthe design update was to make the purchasing process as simple as possible for its customers and in this way increase the company’s online sales. To meet Verifone’s request, the graphic design team from Hesehus has optimised the following compared to the original design:

1. More intuitive top and menu configuration – The graphic design team from Hesehus has made the top of the site visually cleaner and easier for the customers to use and has eliminated any doubts as to whether the customer has entered Verifone's webshop or its website by use of a very visible shopping basket in the webshop. In addition, Verifone’s menu configuration has been expanded by better and simpler filtering possibilities that provide the customers with the opportunity to search for line of business (e.g. café, hairdresser, or baker) as well as technology (e.g. ADSL, GSM and wireless). Possibilities which ease the customers’ way to the perfect product and thereby ensure a simple and easy purchasing process.

2. Increased price credibility – In many webshops, additional costs are added to the price of the product during the purchasing process in the form of, e.g. postage and service. For smaller products, this is normally just a regular freight price which is added to the price but for products of the type sold by Verifone in which service and software fees are included, the price added may be significantly higher and Verifone wishes to change that. With the new design, Verifone is now giving the customers a very clear price which in addition to the ordinary freight price does not change in the course of the check-out procedure, and this will undoubtedly increase the company’s price credibility.

Impressive increase in online sales with new webshop

Significant increase in online sales

Already in the month of the webshop’s launch, Verifone experienced an impressive increase in its online sales. In the sale of terminals, Verifone was 421% above the monthly average for 2012. And the new webshop did not only start out well. It has also proven to break the all-time record of the sale of terminals in one month by no less than 67%. 

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Case details

Launched in April 2013


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS, and Design

Functions & features

Intuitive top and menu layout, responsive design, and faceted search


Terminal sales

The sale of terminals increased by 421% compared to the monthly average in 2012

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