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New brand site takes Kansas to the streets!

New brand site for Kansas

For generations, Kansas has dressed the Danes in high quality workwear. As part of a large relaunch, the iconic brand is now entering a completely new line of business for more lifestyle-oriented streetwear and high-end fashion. With Kansas Wear, Kansas is now offering collections which are designed and created for everyday life – but still in Kansas’s robust materials and iconic design.

In addition to the lifestyle collections in Kansas Wear, Kansas has entered into innovative working relationships with fashion designers who reinterpret and encapsulate Kansas's classic designs in the unique Kansas Kapsules collections. The American high-end designer and rebel on the international fashion stage, Willy Chavarria, is responsible for the new Kansas X Willy Chavarria styles where also Kansas’s iconic thermo waistcoat has been designed with a new twist.

Visual identity

As part of the marketing of Kansas Wear and Kansas Kapsules, Kansas and Hesehus have created a new, exquisite brand site together which is to cement Kansas as the consumers’ preferred workwear supplier. Furthermore, the brand site will help to get Kansas’s new visual identity and positioning off to a good start. The site is built on the existing common platform for the entire Fristads Kansas Group which includes more than 400 webshops and 400,000 unique users.

Explore Kansas’s new brand site

Kansas Kapsules collections
Brand site, that inspires both end customers and retailers

Brand site and e-commerce for both B2C and B2B

The new brand site is Kansas’s digital flagship store, and as a result it contains lots of inspiration for end customers as well as Kansas’s dealer network. Even though the brand site very much promotes Kansas Wear and Kansas Kapsules, which can be bought online, it is equally important for Kansas to inspire and service its dealers. The new brand site is therefore build in a Work and Wear segment which guides the dealer and the consumer to the right inspiration via a large split banner on the front page of the site.

Kansas introduces 'Shop the Look' Feature

Great features – focus on design

In order to tap into the streetwear and high-end fashion universe and thus put Kansas Wear and Kansas Kapsules into the right context, Kansas is using several visual effects inspired by the fashion industry. For both Kansas Wear and Kansas Kapsules, the scene is set via inspiring videos giving the customers an insight into Kansas’s new product universe.

Kansas’s new brand site is also filled with big, nice product pictures which in a true fashion style present the individual styles giving the customers an idea of the look they can buy. In addition, the pictures are put into play in different ways via small, nice features which make the design alive and the brand site an experience for the customers to navigate in.

On the page showing the entire collection, the customers will experience via a mouseover effect that the pictures are either flipping, displaying the product from behind or from the side or zoomed in on a unique detail on the product. In several places on the site, the customers will also experience pictures and text moving in opposite directions via an integrated scroll effect or they will meet little details in the form of micro animations on several of the site’s call-to-action buttons.

Shop the look

In addition to the nice product pictures which clearly present the various looks, Kansas has also made it extra easy for the customers to shop for their favourite look with the feature ‘shop the look’. Already on the collection page – with just a single click on the picture of the favourite look – the customers are directed into a product page overview from where the products can be added directly to the shopping chart. Naturally, the product page is also inspiring the customer via detailed product texts as well as via the use of several nice product pictures which clearly present the product and all of its details.

Shop the whole look at Kansas

Henrik Bonde Hanfgarn, Online Manager at Kansas

”The new brand site is an important part of the positioning of Kansas in which the visual transformation in particular is distinct in the web design as well as in the little nice features and micro animations. With the new site, we also pave the way for online shopping, allowing the consumers to buy our new lifestyle and limited edition products in the same way as they shop all other fashion wear. And obviously, we have also designed the customer journey to be as inspiring, easy and simple as possible, e.g. via the feature 'Shop the look”

Kansas taps into real life

To promote the new lifestyle collections, Kansas Wear and Kansas Kapsules, Kansas has teamed up with famous Danes such as Lukas Graham, Faustix, Christen Pixi and Cecilie Lassen who have all taken the collections to heart and are promoting the collections on Instagram. Kansas is of course also putting the pictures in play on its own Instagram and Facebook profile and on the new brand site where a large Instagram feed under the hashtag #kansaswear is constantly displaying the latest 10 posts.

It is not just with Kansas Wear that Kansas taps into real life. With the menu item ’stories’, Kansas makes room for the craftsmen’s own stories for the inspiration of others. The passion for its craftsmanship is made clear – not just in the story itself but also via the related pictures and videos which show the craftsmen in action. In the individual story, Kansas is also focusing on the craftsmen’s workwear and what the function and form of the clothes mean when used in everyday life.

Kansas instagram

Case details

Launch of the brand site in September 2019.


Webshop, PIM, CMS and design

Functions & features

Shop the look and design details such as micro animations


Denmark, Germany and England (Worldwide)

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