12 December 2018

Voice Shopping

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is experiencing a rapid development and is about to become an important part of the solution to eliminate the consumers’ hassle and make the customer journey even more comfortable. With the launch of the Danish Google Assistant, the voice technology is already well on its way to revolutionise the Danish market with customers such as Matas as pilot in close cooperation with Google and Hesehus.

New technology revolutionises the user experience

At the moment, Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic within digital user experience and it was no surprise that the technology stole the spotlight at the world’s largest e-commerce conference ‘Shoptalk’ in Las Vegas. Focus is increasingly directed on how to help the consumers obtain the best, easiest and most frictionless user journey by means of intelligent technology. Within AI, two trends are in the spotlight when it comes to convenience and efficiency: picture recognition and voice-activation.

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Tell me what you need

In recent years, voice-activated assistants have become more and more popular in particular among the American consumers who can now, in an easier and more frictionless way, get help to everyday life's doings using information search, shopping and control of home devices just by telling their smart assistants what they need.

Voice as the new interface is about to take over the position of the touch interface as the easiest and most user-friendly interface and experts predict that the voice interface will become the consumers' preferred interface within a number of years. As many as 19% of the Americans used voice-activation for information search in connection with the Christmas shopping in 2017 – a figure which is expected to increase significantly for the next couple of years.

Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant have been on the market for some years now but the development of the disruptive technology continues. The experts are constantly working on improving the interface and adding new surprising options to the user interface.

Google has announced that by the end of 2018, its digital assistant will be available in 70 countries in 30 different languages – including Denmark speaking Danish when Google Assistant was launched in September 2018. When launching in the many markets, it is merely a question of time before the digital assistants will also help book hairdresser appointments, buy our coffee and order our favourite creams when we run out.

"Talk to Matas"

One of the few chosen, Danish brands which has entered into a cooperation with Google for the use of Google Assistant is the Danish skincare and beauty giant Matas. The cooperation has now made it possible for Matas’s customers to search directly among Matas's products just by telling Google Assistant that they wish to talk to Matas.

With the launch of Google Assistant and Matas’s contribution, which was developed in a close and ambitious cooperation between Matas, Google and Hesehus, Matas is now providing its customers with the opportunity to find their favourite products and add them directly to their favourites at matas.dk without raising a finger if they are members of Club Matas. The voice-activated search function makes it possible to search in specific product categories and filters in relation to, e.g. reviews, price and brand.

The voice technology is still in embryo in Denmark but with its contribution, Matas has proved to be ready to take the lead on the new interface which is predicted to become the preferred interface in a short period of years. The technology is in a constant development and the opportunity to talk to Matas via the assistant is now possible using a smartphone and on the screenless unit Google Home. The voice technology is constantly being developed to handle all aspects of the customer journey – from search to final purchase. In Matas, a more intelligent and personalised search is in the pipeline where the assistant can help and guide to more interesting products for the individual customer. As a result, voice shopping is planning for a future with the best, easiest and most frictionless user experience we have ever seen.

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Would you also like to talk to Matas?

On all newer Android smartphones, Google Assistant is an integrated unit on the mobile which only has to be activated. On iPhones the assistant can be downloaded as a separate app in App Store from where you can also ask Google Assistant to talk to Matas. All you have to say to the assistant is “Talk to Matas”.

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