7 November 2018

Hesehus continues to rearm

In October and November, we once again welcomed new faces to the e-commerce house Hesehus. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we introduce a Project Manager, a Team Manager, a SEO Specialist and a Developer.

Dzenita Hasic, projektleder hos Hesehus

Dzenita Hasic

On 1 October we welcomed Dezenita Hasic as a new Project Manager at Hesehus. Dzenita is 23 years old and educated Software Engineer from University of Southern Denmark in 2017. Previously Dzenita has worked at Netcompany as Developer. At Hesehus Dzenita will be the Project Manager for team, which are working on solutions for customers like Fazer, Wupti and Design Eyewear Group.

Anja Stente Løvetofte, teamleder hos Hesehus

Anja Stente Løvetofte

On 1 November we greeted Anja Stente Løvetofte for the first time, as she started as Team Manager at Hesehus. Anja is 38 years old and educated Civil Engineer in Industrial Design from Aalborg University in 2007. Anja also have a HD in Organisation & Management from Aarhus University from 2015. Anja comes from a position as Senior Design Manager at LEGO Systems. At Hesehus Anja will be responsible for the team, which works on solutions for customers such as BabySam, DinApoteker.dk and Stof & Stil.

Amar Mahallati, SEO-specialist hos Hesehus

Amar Mahallati

On 1 November we also welcomed Amar Mahallati as SEO Specialist at Hesehus. Amar has a bachelor’s degree in Law from University of Southern Denmark from 2007. Previously Amar has worked as SEO Specialist at OnlinePartners and as Senior Digital Advisor at Oxygen. At Hesehus Amar will be a part of our analysis team together with our E-commerce Analyst Trine and our Business Developer Kasper, where Amar will consolidate optimal preconditions for the customers’ solutions through optimisation of on-page SEO, link building and counseling about international SEO strategy and configuration.

Svend Iversen, udvikler hos Hesehus

Svend Iversen

Last, but not least, we welcomed Svend Iversen on 1 November, as he started as a Developer at Hesehus. Svend is 36 years old and holds a Diploma in Advanced Computer Studies from Business Academy West from 2006. Moreover, Svend holds a professional bachelor’s degree in Software Development from Business Academy South West from 2014. Svend has previously worked as Software Developer at Spain Holiday Online Rentails S.L. At Hesehus Svend will be a part of the team, working on solutions for customers such as Fazer, Wupti and Design Eyewear Group.

More news

More news from Hesehus

Hesehus welcomes and looks forward to a strong cooperation with the international eyewear manufacturer Design Eyewear Group and online supplier of workwear Billig-Arbejdstøj.dk that both have huge online objectives and both have selected Hesehus as their new e-commerce partner.
Hesehus reaches employee number 100. The reason is an all-time high order book which not only includes newly arrived customers but is also very much a result of an increasing demand from the company’s existing customers that count large Danish brands such as Matas, BabySam, Kansas and Wupti.
Data-driven business is hot! More and more retailers are increasingly using data as an important part of their business and this is of great benefit for the customers who get a better user experience as well as for the business partners who gain valuable insights based on customer data.