20 December 2019

70% growth in Black Week for Hesehus’s customers 

This year’s Black Week headed by Black Friday broke all records again and this is certainly also the case for Hesehus’s customers with a total revenue growth of as much as 70%. Get three key learnings from this year’s largest trading day online. 

Revenue growth of as much as 70%

According to figures from The Association of Danish Internet Trading (FDIH, Foreningen for Dansk Internet Handel), this year’s Black Friday once again broke all records and established – with an increase in turnover of 50-60% compared to last year – that it was the largest trading day within e-commerce ever. In total, the consumers shopped for no less than DKK 750 million online.

In the e-commerce house Hesehus, we could certainly feel the bustle of our customers, including large Danish e-commerce companies such as Matas, BabySam, Wupti and Zizzi, which is also clearly evident from the total increase in turnover obtained by Hesehus’s customers of a much as 70% measured during Black Week and Cyber Monday.

CEO at Hesehus, Lars Hedal

"It has been a terrific Black Friday and Black Week where we see a total increase in turnover of no less than 70% obtained by our customers. Our solutions managed 100% uptime and 0% queue which means that the preparations and steps which we prepared together with our customers and hosting partners beforehand proved to be completely right. It was a pleasure to be part of our war room on Thursday evening and night”

Significant mobile success

This year’s Black Friday was also a cementing of the mobile as the consumers’ preferred shopping and payment device. In Hesehus, this tendency has been clearly identifiable this recent year where the increase in traffic from mobile units to the customers’ solutions being 50% and during the Black Week, we experienced more than 2.5 times more traffic from mobile units than from desktop.

MobilePay was a hit

The extensive increase of the mobile was also noticeable in the consumers’ payment patterns where the role of the payment provider MobilePay was significant. On Black Friday alone, MobilePay was used 556,000 times and amounted to a turnover of DKK 376 million.

In Hesehus, MobilePay’s role was also clearly identifiable this Black Friday since they represented 50% of the payments for some of the customers.

In MobilePay, it was naturally easy to feel the satisfaction after this year’s Black Friday where the person responsible for MobilePay Online, Lars Green, said the day after Black Friday to FDIH: “We have had a crazy day in MobilePay. Measured in Danish kroner, we have advanced by 65% and the number of payments has increased by 77%. The pressure was highest between 9-10 pm where we had 40,000 payments which in total amounted to DKK 26 million".

Black Friday peaked Thursday before midnight
Significant mobile success at Black Friday

Black Friday peaked Thursday before midnight

With the entry of Black Week and Cyber Monday, Black Friday is no longer limited to 24 hours and in particular this year, we see a clear picture of hectic activity before midnight Thursday. In MobilePay, the pressure was highest on Thursday evening between 9-10 pm which was also the case for Hesehus's customers.

Measured by traffic and number of sessions across Hesehus's customers, the busiest hour was also between 9-10 pm followed by the hour around midnight. On Friday, the increased traffic inflow continued with the highest level of activity measured on Friday morning between 6-7 am and a couple of hours after and again from 3 pm and onwards. So the typical assumption that the traffic on Friday peaks around lunch when people shop during their lunch break, does not necessarily hold water. This also means that it may be an advantage for e-commerce companies next year to consider having offers by the hour and to launch email campaigns during exactly these periods of time.

CEO at BabySam, Kenneth Willenbrack Nørgaard, at LinkedIn

"It was super professional here at @BabySam!! New records on simultaneous users as well as hourly turnover – without the customers felt any delays in their shopping experience! The spirit in our war room was high and customer service could focus on helping the customers to make the perfect purchase!”

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