18 November 2019

Hesehus enters partnership with Dinex    

Dinex, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of innovative exhaust products and emission systems for the industry of heavy vehicles and diesel engines, selects Hesehus as e-commerce partner.

Dinex A/S

Dinex was founded in 1982, employs today more than 1,500 employees worldwide and has production and sales in 16 different countries. Dinex has a very ambitious strategy in which e-commerce and digital tools play a very central role, and Hesehus has now been asked to meet this request by the development of a new international B2B overall solution. ​​​​​​​

Contracting, Hesehus sign a contract with Dinex, Man signs contract

CEO in Dinex Group, Torben Dinesen

”In a continuously growing global market, it is essential for us to have a global sales tool, that reduces time to market and can be used by all customers across borders and regions. Dinex must be where the customers are, which is why we are now investing in a complete international B2B webshop.E-commerce is a quite central element in our future strategy and it was consequently crucial for us to find a business partner with experience in B2B e-commerce and solutions of an international character and Hesehus has several successful ones on its reference list”   

Exhaust products for heavy vehicles and diesel engines

Customer is king

Dinex has high ambitions for the new B2B overall solution and the very essential in the solution will be to comply with the needs of the different customer segments. To ensure that the customers’ expectations for the new B2B webshop are satisfied, Dinex has decided to start the cooperation with a customer survey of Dinex’s customers in cooperation with Hesehus and the advertising agency Nørgård Mikkelsen, which will be responsible for Dinex’s marketing and branding. The insight, which the survey has already provided, creates the perfect basis for building a solution that will satisfy the requests and needs on all parameters which Dinex's customers have to the new B2B webshop.

CEO in Hesehus, Lars Hedal

”It is a pleasure to welcome Dinex as a new customer in Hesehus. The team of talented architects, developers and digital designers has been set up and we are already in full swing. Dinex is a customer with very high and ambitious objectives for its new overall solution and from our experience from similar customers such as Nissens, which trades for more than DKK 500 million in online sales today, we have no doubt that we can make a difference for Dinex and help the company satisfy its online expectations”   

Full freedom with the e-commerce platform Bizzkit

Dinex’s new overall solution is developed on the software platform Bizzkit which has been developed by Hesehus through more than 17 years and is one of the three leading most widely used e-commerce platforms in Denmark. The platform, which was launched in Sweden in 2018 via Hesehus’s international partner channel, is like other e-commerce platforms geared to e-business but has the advantage that the platform also contains DAM, PIM and CMS.

For Dinex this means one overall solution which makes it possible to customise the webshop giving Dinex exactly the functions and features which the customers want and need.

The e-commerce platform Bizzkit, One comprehensive solution

Are you also interested in a  B2B e-commerce solution?

​​​​​​We would like to invite you for a cup of coffee or we can visit you for a non-binding talk about your options.

Contact CEO, Lars Hedal at: +45 40 25 50 83 or write to: hedal@hesehus.dk

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