22 January 2019

The e-commerce house Hesehus strengthens the board of directors

As part of one of Denmark’s leading, digital web agencies’ long-term and ambitious strategy, Hesehus is expanding the board of directors by a very experienced profile within the IT industry.

From today, Mikael Lyngsø, former CEO of the software company Stibo Systems, is entering the board of directors in Hesehus which now, in addition to Mikael Lyngsø, includes Niels Thorborg, CEO of 3C Groups, Erik Laumand, CEO of the advertising agency Nørgård Mikkelsen, Lars Hedal, Managing Director of Hesehus and the two employee representatives Strategic Customer Insights Manager Anja Saabye and Senior UX Architect Allan Syndergaard.

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, hereof 12 years as CEO of one of the world’s leading software companies within Master Data Management solution, Stibo Systems, Mikael Lyngsø can contribute with reliable experience and knowledge of global strategy, market positioning and expansion in the form of international sales via partners. In addition, with his background as CTO, Mikael Lyngsø has lots of experience with product management and software development. All areas which are key to Hesehus’s long-term strategy and development, including the internationalisation of Hesehus’s software platform Bizzkit.

Mikael Lyngsø, nyt bestyrelsesmedlem i Hesehus

In Hesehus, Managing Director, Lars Hedal, looks forward to the cooperation

”We are very pleased to welcome Mikael in the board of directors. There is no doubt that Mikael, with his huge experience from the IT industry and in particular his knowledge and hands-on experience of global expansion and international sales via partners, will contribute very much to the internationalisation of our e-commerce platform Bizzkit where we have recently started with Sweden as our first market”   

Global strategy and capture of new markets are areas in which Mikael Lyngsø has proven to very able to deliver when he was Managing Director of Stibo Systems. Mikael Lyngsø also headed a successful business development process that transformed Stibo Systems into a global high growth and high profit company and cemented the company as one of the market’s leading suppliers of Master Data Management solutions in the same league as IBM, SAP and Oracle. During Mikael Lyngsø’s management, Stibo Systems was also classified as a ‘visionary’ supplier in the recognised Gartners Magic Quadrant.

Mikael Lyngsø, member of the board of directors in Hesehus

“I have followed Hesehus’s development from the sideline for the last couple of years and I look forward to being able to contribute to the continued progress and development of Hesehus as a company and its own developed software platform. The e-commerce industry is experiencing a rapid growth and there is no doubt that Hesehus with the right position in the market, a sharp and visionary strategy and the right initiatives will be able to capture a central position among the very best e-commerce suppliers in Denmark as well as in Europe"

Lars Hedal, adm. direktør hos Hesehus


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