3 April 2020

Annual accounts 2019: Hesehus continues the healthy growth

One of Denmark’s leading suppliers of e-commerce solutions, Hesehus, has published its annual accounts for 2019. A revenue growth of 25%, a sound bottom line and continued addition of new employees bear witness of yet another year with healthy growth for the e-commerce specialists from Odense.

Press release

Hesehus, which designs and develops ambitions e-commerce solutions for some of Denmark’s largest B2B and B2C companies, continues its growth in 2019 with a revenue increase of 25% after great demand from existing as well as new ambitious customers. A customer list which includes some of Denmark’s leading brands within e-commerce such as Matas, BabySam and Zizzi.

Despite increasing investments in the development of Hesehus’s e-commerce platform Bizzkit as well as the continued development of the international partner channel for the platform, the year also saw a growing profit from DKK 6.1 million to 6.5 million before tax.

Lars Hedal, CEO at Hesehus

”To us 2019 has been a year where we have made additional investments in development and optimisation of our software platform contemporary with our focus on controlled growth. And with the present corona crisis, which obviously also creates uncertainty in our industry, a healthy cash flow is crucial. In this respect, we are helped by last year’s annual results where we created the third highest profit in the history of the company. We have always said that we have to earn money to be able to resist a storm and this means that we will be able to handle the crisis although we can certainly also feel the crisis in the world around us”   

Attraction of new tech talents is key

The competition for the most qualified tech talents has certainly not diminished and as a result, we constantly focus on the professional challenges and a continued attractive working environment. With a number 1 position within ‘Management and Workplace Culture’ in the analysis ‘IT Company Rank 2019’ conducted by Ingeniøren, which is a Danish newspaper specialising in engineering topics, the efforts made by the IT company from Odense seem to bear fruit. Also in 2019, Hesehus has been able to attract even more talented employees and has also experienced an exceptionally high employee retention rate.

Hesehus employees

For comments, please contact Lars Hedal, CEO in Hesehus at +45 40 25 50 83 or hedal@hesehus.dk

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