Case: Danoffice

Platform for the world’s hot spots

Hesehus has developed an online platform to Danoffice IT for use in the world's hotspots

Danoffice IT services and sells professional IT equipment to more than 400 organisations, NGO’s all over the world, and international companies in more than 180 countries. Because of its fast reaction time and unique logistics solutions, Danoffice IT is also the preferred supplier and collaborator for the UN and other humanitarian aid agencies.

With customers such as WHO, Unicef, UNHR, Plan International, Save the Children, Red Cross and other prominent organisations within the humanitarian sector across the world and with operations in chaotic and stressed environments it is crucial for Danoffice IT that its customers can easily find and order exactly the equipment they need. Danoffice IT solved this challenge with a new online platform developed on the basis of knowledge from user tests and customer interviews in order to have complete focus on the customers and their needs and not least on the safety requirements that come with cooperating with organisations such as the UN.

An easy overview is vital

When Danoffice IT’s customers order the equipment they need to e.g. rebuild war- and crisis-torn areas, it is extremely important that they can easily get an overview. The design of Danoffice IT’s new online platform is created with focus on supporting important functions such as placing of orders and delivery tracking and to ensure that the customers use as few ressources as possible on the buying process. The front page's process-based menu with the various steps placed as tiles with explanatory icons, ensures that the customers are pesented with an easy overview of how far in the process their transactions are. If the customer has to take any actions in order to move forward in the procedure, e.g. approve an order or pay an invoice, it is indicated with a red notification to easily direct the customers attention on this.

Another feature that makes it very easy for Danoffice IT’s customers to get an overview is ”Reports”. The feature allows the customer to see reports for the entire organisation as well as all suborganisations. At any time the customer is thus able to check the organisation's key figures at Danoffice IT. In ”Reports” the customer can see all paid amounts, all product types that have been ordered as well as how many of each, destinations the productsare sent to, and average solvency. The information is displayed as manageable diagrams with colour codes when relevant in order for the customer to easily identify if something is critical. Furthermore, the customer can filter in the read-out to show information from different periods – all data from the very first period as a Danoffice IT customer are available.

When the geography causes challenges

Many of the products ordered by the customers are to be sent to destinations with infrastructure of erratic quality and located far from the nearest reseller of IT spares. Therefore it is crucial that the customers receive all parts necessary for the ordered products to function. To make it as easy as possible for the customers, a filtration on logic parameters is implemented in the solution so that the correct items are easy to identify. Also, thorough internal processes at Danoffice IT ensure that everything is complete and properly matched before shipping.

Digital transition

Based on the needs of the customers, Danoffice IT has undergone a digital transition that supports full transparency in the case handling and at the same time opens up for innovative, digital functions that help the customers to a complete overview of the partnership with Danoffice IT.

Morten Pihl, E-Commerce Manager at Danoffice IT

”At Danoffice IT our vision is to improve the world through information technology. This also comes down to our choice of partner on our online platform. Hesehus has met our expectations on all parameters and is delivering building blocks that enable us to make a difference in achieving our vision”

Case details

Launched in March 2016


Webshop, PIM, DAM, CMS and Design

Functions & features

Functional design, process-based menu with explanatory icons, and a high security level


The online platform is active in more than 180 countries

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